Why does testing data appear in my analytics even after resetting the polls?

  • 28 July 2022
  • 1 reply

Hi I notice in our testing of the quiz and survey that we have set up that although we reset the survey after each test, our testing data still appears in the analytics. Is there a way to reset the analytics so that our test analytics data does not affect the real data we want to collect at the event. Jason

1 reply

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Hey @JasonM,

Have you made sure to reset all polls in all rooms and delete all questions

After doing this your analytics should be empty except for the number of participants - this number will not change even after resetting results. You don’t need to worry though, all poll votes are deleted, only the number of joined and engaged participants stays the same. 

If you would like your analytics to be completely blank, you can always duplicate the event.

Hope this helps :)