Youtube vs Slido viewer numbers

  • 12 December 2022
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We host our livestream on Youtube and integrate with Slido, so that anyone who views are Slido can see our Youtube video livestream playing.


Youtube counts a view, as a person coming to the livestream, regardless of how many times they leave the livestream and come back. So if someone came to the Youtube 3 times, they are counted as 3 views. So the views are not unique.

How does Slido count views? The reason I ask is that I always assumed that when we have a livestream, the Youtube and Slido should be more or less the same number. But they are usually vastly different, and wanted to understand why, and how Slido counts a viewer. Is it unique, or does it count every view, regardless of if a single person comes back multiple times?


Hope that makes sense

1 reply


From my understanding Slido counts every new participant session (linked to the web cookie). Every person who opens your event page will count as a view. If they close the browser and reconnected, they will not count as an additional viewer unless they turn off tracking cookie or use a different device or browser.