📆 Join Webinar: Include, Engage, Succeed: Best Practices for Truly Inclusive Meetings

  • 6 June 2023
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📆 Join Webinar: Include, Engage, Succeed: Best Practices for Truly Inclusive Meetings
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Inclusivity is on leaders' minds everywhere, but did you know that a staggering 79% of employees are disengaged at work? Luckily, there's a simple solution: Start with meetings!

Join our upcoming webinar on June 27 at 9AM BST, and discover the power of meeting equity.


We'll walk you through expert strategies to design meetings that promote inclusivity and use technology to boost engagement. Our special guest speaker, internationally renowned facilitator Leanne Hughes, will share her insights on creating inclusive meetings that foster collaboration and ignite innovation.

In 60 minutes you will discover:

  • What is meeting equity, and how can it transform your meetings into dynamic, inclusive, and productive sessions

  • Practical strategies to craft effective and engaging meetings from renowned expert Leanne Hughes

  • Real-life examples of how Slido can level the playing field and include everyone equally


👉  Grab your seat and register for June 17 at 9AM BST





Meet the speaker:

Leanne Hughes, International Facilitator & Trusted Advisor

Leanne Hughes is a consultant, speaker and facilitator, maximizing team potential by creating influential, contagious work experiences that scale across teams, functions and regions.

Especially skilled with virtual events (both delivery and behind the scenes advice and coaching) Leanne has distilled her knowledge and experience into her podcast, First Time Facilitator, and now, a book The 2-Hour Workshop Blueprint: Design Fast. Deliver Strong. Without Stress'‘.

In 2022, Leanne was inducted into The Million Dollar Consulting® Hall of Fame, recognized by her peers as being among the world leaders in consulting.

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