📆 Join Webinar on Oct 5: Leading with Transparency - The Power of Leadership Q&As

  • 19 September 2023
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📆 Join Webinar on Oct 5: Leading with Transparency - The Power of Leadership Q&As
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Ever wondered what sets companies with high levels of trust and engagement apart from the rest?

One vital factor lies in their commitment to sharing important information with employees, which helps to alleviate stress and uncertainty. A powerful instrument in this journey are leadership Q&A sessions, which foster transparency and approachability in leaders.

We’ll unpack the crucial role of recurring leadership Q&As in building trust with employees and shaping company culture. Gain insights from our guests, Slido’s General Manager Pali Dudrik and Head of HR Kati Gabova, drawing from their leadership experiences to illuminate the discussion.


In 60 minutes you will:

  • Learn from seasoned leaders about leveraging Q&A sessions to strengthen company culture

  • Explore our best-case practices on how to deal with tough questions

  • Ask your questions directly to senior leaders

Ideal for those keen on hosting leadership Q&As, AMAs, town halls or All-Hand sessions with leaders in order to strengthen company culture.


👉 Grab your seat and register for October 5th at 5PM CEST | 11AM EST

PS: This webinar is the first of a 2-part series. If you're looking to effortlessly set up and navigate your upcoming Q&A session, please check out - From Set-up to Live: Run the Slido Q&A Like a Pro!

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