Webinar recording: Leading with Transparency: The Power of Leadership Q&A's

  • 9 October 2023
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Webinar recording: Leading with Transparency: The Power of Leadership Q&A's
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Last week we hosted a Webinar about the power of leadership Q&As with our special guests from the Slido leadership team: Kati Gabova (Head of People) and Pali Dudrik (General Manager). 


Kati and Pali shared their insights from several years of leadership Q&As; from the impact on company culture and trust, their personal tips for preparation, to how to deal with challenging or even toxic questions

don’t worry if you missed this, you can watch the full recording here (or alternatively, on Vidcast):



Additionally, you can access the slides for the webinar by downloading them at the bottom of the article.


Leadership is generally aware of the crucial role it plays in shaping the culture and trust of a company. When it comes to enhancing trust, many businesses don't know where to begin. This is where leadership Q&A sessions come in as a powerful tool to:

  • Share information broadly, publicly and easily accessible
  • Intentionally build relationships with the team by showing up in a live setting and facing the questions openly


“Q&As are always a learning experience” - Pali Dudrik


During their expert interview, Pali and Kati shared their views and experiences. Here are some of the fundamental insights:

  • Practice, Practice, Practice: 

As experienced leaders, Pali & Kati prepare replies and even write them down in advance to find the best version.

  • Choose Empathy: 

It helps to remember that there may be a real person on the other end with a valid concern, especially if a question is not worded well.

  • Q&A shapes the culture: 

Leaders can demonstrate their abilities and values by showing humility, openness, and transparency. In the absence of Q&A sessions, questions still arise behind closed doors, and leaders give up control by allowing rumors and discord to spread.

  • Q&A sessions are a team sport: 

Facilitating, answering, and following up on questions is a key component of a great Q&A session.

  • Leaders are humans:

Having the perfect answer isn't always possible! It is simply a matter of acknowledging that and following up later.

The interview was followed by a recap with our key recommendations and next steps for a smooth Q&A experience:

  1. Make a decision on anonymity before opening the Q&A
  2. Share the Q&A in advance
  3. Speakers prepare their answers & practice before going live
  4. Have a dedicated facilitator
  5. Know the tech (sign up for upcoming webinar)
  6. Speakers: Be ready to pivot & empathize with the audience
  7. Speakers: Follow up on promises and show accountability


For more information you can check out the following blog posts and webinars: 

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