Can I have one Slido event with multiple quizzes that will not be connected?

  • 8 September 2021
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I have a presentation tomorrow and creating a slido event that has many quizzes for. the team. Each will need to be treated as a separate quiz with its own leaderboard. I don’t want to create multiple slido events (because this will be a pain for the audience). I want to create 1 slido event that will then have multiple quizzes with each one having their own leaderboard and not connected to the other quizzes.  Is this possible?  Thanks

17 replies

Is it possible to add points across successive quizzes and reflect the same on the leaderboard? So at the end of a training session, I have an overall winner/runner up rather than quiz-wise.

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Hi @Bridgepoint,


Unfortunately, it’s not possible to track winners across multiple quizzes automatically. 

Our quiz leaderboards only work on a per-quiz basis. 


However, you can determine an overall winner from your analytics exports. 

In your admin, click on Analytics > Export > Download Export > Poll results per user - OR - Quiz leaderboards. 


Please let us know how your quizzes worked out - would love to learn about your experience! :)

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Hi @lvenkate

You should be able to create multiple quizzes within a single event. Please see the quick tutorial below. This option is not possible only in Basic plans which are limited to one quiz per event. 

Adding another quiz in Webex:
If you’re using the Webex integration and you already have a poll or a quiz created in your event, you’ll see a green ‘plus’ button or ‘create a poll’ link underneath.

Clicking any of them would automatically create a blank Multiple-choice poll as a default option. To change it to quiz and start adding your questions, simply click the ‘Multiple-choice’ drop-down and select quiz:


Using Slido Admin: 

If you’re in Slido admin, click the green “Create poll” button and select Quiz from the drop-down: 

Hope this helps. Please let me know if anything’s unclear. Happy to help!


Can i see the accumulated ranking for all participants (say if i have 100 participants in all the quizzes)?

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Hi @Nav,

Unfortunately, you can only see a winner per each quiz in the leaderboard. 

If you’d like to see the accumulated ranking of all participants across multiple quizzes, you’d need to calculate this yourself using data exports.

I realize that this is not a great solution and brings a lot of extra work for you - so I’m going to submit this as a feature request to our Product Team. 


Please let me know if there’s anything else that I can help you with in the meantime!

Hi I’m wondering if there is any limit on the number of quizzes within a single event please?

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Hi @SimonT,

No, there is no limit on the number of quizzes in a single event on paid plans. The only limit is that you can’t have more than 100 polls or 100 000 characters per room.

However, if you are using the free Basic plan, you can only have one quiz per event.

Hope this helps :) Let me know if you have any further questions.


we have an event where we are using SLIDO to run a quiz. It is a one time professional subscription. The quiz is live and live streamed. We therefore have two distinct audiences (live and online) that we want to keep separate but who are competing in the same quiz at the same time and seeing/doing everything the same (except for time lag -see below). The quiz is being live streamed on YouTube and participants will play the quiz via SLIDO on separate devices. We will operate the SLIDO to sync with what is happening in the live quiz.

I have set up multiple rooms (1 for the online participants and 1 for the live audience). For the online audience, there is a potential problem with a time lag with what is happening live and being live streamed on youtube  and what the people playing online will see via SLIDO - ie while we can sync the SLIDO quiz with the live event, for the live audience this may be out of sync  ie apparently up to 30 seconds between what happened live and when the online players will see it. So is it possible to operate the two rooms separately. That is we can have one person operating SLIDO to sync with the live quiz for those playing the quiz in the live audience and have another person watching the YouTube livestream and operating the other room separately to sync the SLIDO with what is happening on the livestream feed? And if so, what do we need to do to make this work?


Also how do we show leaderboards for each room separately - ie so the different audience can see who in the live audience is leading (or the winner) and who in the online audience is leading (or is winner). What is below from one of your web pages sounds relevant, but I don’t understand it, I’m afraid, especially what this is?


Getting a permanent link of the Participant mode in a specific room is useful if you want your audience to join your event using a link and you want them to immediately join the desired room.


To get the link, please first follow the steps above for getting a Present mode link. Once you have it, simply rewrite to



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Hey @JasonM,

Yes, you can set up two quizzes in two rooms and operate them separately - polls in different rooms don’t affect each other. Here is our tutorial for setting up rooms:

If you’re going to have different people activating questions in different rooms, make sure you give them back-end access to the event by inviting them as guests. Also, keep in mind that you will need to ask participants to switch rooms based on whether they are attending live or online - they can see a button to switch rooms when they join Slido.

As to your second question - you can only show one leaderboard in Slido at a time, but you can switch the room shown in Present mode.

Alternatively, you can open two browser tabs, each showing one leaderboard and you can show each group their corresponding browser tab. Here is how you can show leaderboards from different rooms in separate tabs:

  1. Open Present mode
  2. Copy the link
  3. Open a new browser tab and paste the link
  4. Change the rooms in present mode in one of the tabs

Hope this helps! :) 

Thanks that sort of helps - the tutorial you sent me to is the one that generated the questions. I guess I will have to play

I do have another question: I need to appoint a co-administrator to help develop the quiz event and manage the event on the day, yet when I go to do this it says my plan does not allow this. We have the premium ($900) on-time plan - the top plan.  


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Hi @JasonM 

On your plan, you should be able to share access with a guest collaborator to moderate your event. Could you advise what error you get when trying to add them? It could be that your company is set up with SSO or that you’re not the owner of the event. Is this possible?

Let me know if you have any more questions! 

I have already set up my colleague as a guest collaborator, but I was hoping he could have the same admin rights as I do as the owner. I guess I can give him my login details and that would be one way to get around it, but I thought that surely it would be standard to have more than one person working on setting up a SLIDO event and therefore to have access to the backend of SLIDO to edit and change things - there is a limit to what the guest collaborator can do.


I checked the SSO link and  given I was the one who signed us up then I guess I am an SSO, but I have no idea what the following means in your instructions - specifically what “Exclude Guests” means. What happens if I exclude my colleague - will he lose guest collaborator status and then what??

Allow inviting external guests when SSO is set for your Slido Organization

If you're using single sign on (SSO) for your Slido organization, you can only invite people who are already members of the organization. To allow guests to log in without SSO, the organization owner needs to enable the option Exclude guests from SSO in the Member SAML/SSO settings under Organization settings.


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Hi @JasonM

So we can take a closer look, I think you need to contact our customer care team here so we can better understand your set up so we can go through your options here.. You can email them at or alternatively, access live chat through your slido admin. 



Is it possible now to determine an overall winner across multiple quizzes?

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Hey @Benosdias,

It’s still not possible to determine the overall winner of multiple quizzes. I would recommend adding all questions into one quiz poll or if you do want to run multiple quizzes, to export the results and combine each participants’ correct answers.

Hope this helps for now.

My grad school group is using the basic plan to present a quiz for a presentation. It says you can only have one quiz per event. Does that mean you can create one quiz? If I run through the quiz for practice beforehand, will I still be able to use it for the presentation? Or can you only run through the quiz once?

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Hi @skeller

That’s correct. Users can only create one quiz per event.

You can absolutely do a test run of the quiz, you would just need to reset the quiz for the actual event. 

Let me know if you have anymore questions!