Suggesting random options for quiz questions

  • 1 April 2021
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Slido can help create Quizzes faster by suggesting (im)plausible options


Suggestions for your Quiz question

Apr 1st 2021

For your next Quiz, Slido can help you find potential options for your questions. The suggestions are just one click away and you can finish the preparation of the Quiz much quicker.


Creating a good Quiz is a time-consuming job. Even when you come up with a good question and the correct answer, searching for the incorrect options can be very demanding. 


With the help of a Text Generation model, we are able to suggest options for your Quiz questions. While they can be generated using just the Quiz question, they will immediately improve once you provide the correct or incorrect answer(s). The model has been trained on public Slido Quizzes.


“Our goal is to save your precious time while creating the Quiz and possibly also increase the fun element of it.” (Peter, Product Manager)


All you have to do is to type in your Quiz question. The suggestions will be displayed once you click on the magic wand -- next to the text field for the first option. You can pick from up to 5 suggestions.


“My client shared with me the Quiz questions only and what a pain it was for me to find the correct answers and especially the incorrect ones!” (Charlotte, Event Manager)

“It is extremely hard to find Quiz options that would be to the point, clear and tricky, all at the same time.” (Dodo, Quizmaster)


Our generator can provide the best recommendations for Trivia Quizzes. Let’s give it a try on your next Quiz with questions like “Who is the founder of Bitcoin?” or “What is the meaning of free will?”  


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Q: Who has access to this feature?

A: All Slido users (except noBeta clients) with Quizzes in the English language 


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