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  • 24 August 2020
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If you have some resources you wish to share with your participants, just add them to Slido as links to external websites. Your audience will then be able to access them directly from the Participant mode. This can be especially useful if you need to share presentations or event agenda.


If you want to invite participants to your event, share the event link with them. 

In this article:



As External links is not a default Slido feature, you have to turn it on first:

  1. Open Event Settings
  2. Go to Participant mode under Customization
  3. Enable External links



By toggling the feature on and off, you can display external links only during a specific moment of your event.



Once the feature is enabled, simply add the links you wish to share along with their names. If you wish to edit or delete a link, simply open its three-dot menu.




It's not possible to upload files to External links directly from your computer, but you can store them on your website or any cloud service such as Google Drive. 


Your audience can access the added links simply by opening the menu in the Participant mode. The links will open in a new tab:




Useful tips

  • Add your feedback survey to External links
    If you wish to collect feedback from your audience without keeping the feedback survey active, you can simply include it as an external link. Your audience can then access it at any time and you can continue using other Slido features.



This way, you can essentially keep multiple single polls or surveys active during your event. They will open directly in Slido (not in a new tab).


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