Transfer from one account to another

  • 10 March 2024
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I first tryed the free membership on SLIDO. In this free membership I created some polls in powerpoint.

Some days later I got to know, that my organization (Heilbronn university, Germany) has an organizational account.

So now I need to know how to transfer the existing polls in powerpoint (pptx) from one account (organization) to another account (organization).

Thanks a lot



3 replies

Why would you think you have to transfer from one end to another for ? Is my question ? Other than if your moving to another  bank place tht make sense. Bt other then why would u need to do that any way?

Hey Ryan,

thank you for your reply.

I have to switch my SLIDO-polls from the free membership-account to the organizational-account because the free membership-account is very limited (just 4 polls ...).

So I just want to transfer my polls form the free-account and the organizational-account.

Thanks for help!

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Hello @Wolfgang Ernst 

for transferring an event between two organisations you would need to reach out to But in case you have Slido linked with a presentation and you switch to another account you would have to copy old Powerpoint slides from your old presentation to a completely new one and link Slido with the other account as it would not allow you to do it. 

Another option is re-creating the presentation connecting it with your paid organisation and just re-create these 3 polls and add new if needed.