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I use slido when facilitating with a global audience at Citibank. From Q&A to polls, interactions and surveys, slido is my go-to platform.

I love the webinars slido hosts. I learn both from the topics themselves and from the facilitation of the events themselves.

I am a big fan, program manager and facilitator.

I am Briony from a public service organisation.  This is my first time using Slido and just learning to get to grips with using the platform

Hi my name is Ryan Lozinsky and I was wondering if u could join a community work space group  in this app slido?


Hope to benefit from slido account, I'm beginner and step forward to learn how could apply it in my interactive lecture,



Thank you so much. 


I am Philippe , 


I will be with you next time for a discussion. Right now I only want to use the poll for an AGA.

My Name is RyanLozinsky and I would like to learn new ideas with the community and talk to them abt new things Abt whts going on.And just join meetings to have discussions of whts being said in the group. Thanks.