Can I define two groups of voters in a multiple choice poll?

  • 13 October 2021
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Would it be possible to place participants into two different voting groups in one Multiple Choice poll?  Our hope is to present real-time voting results from Group A and Group B all in one question.  I tried using Multiple Rooms, but you only see the results in one room and not the other.

So, for example, we have participants from Department A and Department B.  Both are participating in the same survey and we are asking Yes or No Multiple Choice questions.  We’d like to see real-time Yes/No percentage results broken down by each department.

Hope that made sense.

Thanks for any help you can provide on this!

2 replies

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Hi @Jason Klakoff,

Great explanation and such a cool use case!

Unfortunately, setting up multiple rooms for this case would be your best bet. Depending on the size of your presentation screen - maybe you can try using split-screen, open 2 Slido windows, one with one room and the other one with the other room and compare the results in that way?
Alternatively, if you have space for a bigger setup, you can use 2 screens at the same time but not sure how this would work in an online environment. 

Right now, it’s not possible to divide people into different groups, have them vote in the same poll/survey and they show results by these groups. I’ll make sure to submit this as a feature request to our product team as it sounds like a pretty neat feature! 

Please let me know if the setup I’ve suggested could work for you or if I can help in any other way! 😊


We have the same problem, we need to distinguish the expert from the standard particpant answers. Could be a very cool and usefull feature.