Can I hide questions from participants and is there a moderator view?

  • 1 October 2020
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So I know that participants can send in questions anonymously...but how do I stop everyone from seeing questions that have been asked, as in they only see their own questions?



Best answer by Dasa from Slido 25 January 2021, 22:59

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Hi, James, 

Thanks for your question!

You can do this with the Q&A moderation feature. If you turn it on, all the submitted questions will be visible only to you as admin unless you approve them. 

The feature is available in our higher paid plans - Professional, Premium, Enterprise, and Institution. 

To enable moderation in your event, go to: 

  1. Audience Q&A tab
  2. Click the “toggle icon” in the top center
  3. Toggle on the moderation

With moderation turned on, all the submitted questions will be visible only to you as admin in the “For review” window.

Your participants will see the “Waiting for review” tag next to their question. 

More info:

If anything, you know where to find us :)

Hi Slido team,

Is it possible to go one step further from this and approve questions (when in moderation mode) but only have the questions show in presenter mode? 

I.e. it doesnt show to everyone, only those in presenter mode?


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Hi there, 

thanks for using Slido Community, great question!

Currently, it’s not possible to show approved questions only in Present mode. 

With the moderation turned on, you can either leave the questions for review and your participants won’t see other questions than their own, or approve the relevant ones which will appear in both Present mode and Participant mode.  

However, the idea of having questions displayed only in Present mode is very interesting. I’ll definitely pass it to our product team for further consideration!

To do that, it would be great to understand why would this be beneficial for you. Would you mind elaborating a bit more? 

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

I have this exact same question.  My client wants to be able to have an ‘off-stage moderator’ managing all the inbound questions from the moderator page.  That person approves/edits questions and sends them to a private ‘Present’ view for an ‘on-stage moderator’ who would be “on camera” with guests, asking the questions verbally to the panel.  We want the audience to be able to send in questions, but we don’t want the audience to see these ‘approved questions’ in case the panelists aren’t able to answer them.  We also can’t have the ‘on-stage moderator’ managing all the inbound questions because they’ll be “live on camera” and can’t dedicate that much time to review, that’s why they would be on the ‘Present’ screen, seeing only those questions that become pre-screened and approved by the ‘off-stage moderator’.  Is there a way to turn off the visibility of all questions to the audience, while still allowing them to enter new questions?

RWALEN I too have had experiences with this type of request: questions managed only by the moderator, passed to the speakers and NOT visible to the public.

The solution adopted in this case was:

  • Slido moderation on 
  • the moderator answers privately to users, if necessary
  • the moderator categorizes the questions  (with labels)
  • the moderator passes the questions to the speakers through a separate channel that is NOT Slido: for example, he reads questions verbally to the speaker or passes it to him through a private speaker / moderator communication channel

Same here, would be great to have an extra option to push and remove questions in private to the presenter on stage instead of make them visible for everyone.




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Hello, @Frank, thanks for your question. 

We don’t have a solution for moderator view just yet, however, there might be some workarounds.

One of them might be sending the questions over to the moderator via a different platform as @Isabella suggested. 

Or, you can invite the moderator as a guest admin to your event and: 

  1. Turn the moderation on
  2. Have the off-stage moderators DISMISS the questions they would “push to the on-stage moderator”
  3. In the admin, the on-stage moderator would open the Archive and preview the “pushed questions”. 

I understand that any of the above solutions are not elegant and they’ve got their limitations. Therefore, I made sure to forward your ideas to our product team for further consideration. 

@Dasa from Slido , was there any progress on this? It’s a great idea, and often requested from event organisers.  Like you say, there are work arounds, but they aren’t as elegant.

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Hi, @MyEvents

Unfortunately, I don’t have any updates on this one. Our teams currently focus on other functionality.

Moderator view is indeed a something that our customers would benefit from and although I can’t promise anything, I hope we will see in the product one day!

All my best, 



are there any updates?

We’re still not able to find any options to hide the questions from the participants while showing them in the presenter view.




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Hey @Linda_Bue ,

This is still not possible in Slido but thank you for raising this again, I will pass it on :)

In the meantime, you can try the workarounds mentioned in this thread - I hope they help at least a little.

Has anything changed on this request? 

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Hey @RuhlinTheWorld,

Not yet, but keep an eye on this thread and we will update it if this becomes possible in the future.

Would love to have the same feature. Privacy is very important to our events. Participants should not be able to read the questions from others. 

Is there an update? Still not possible?

I too would love to see a function like this added. Is this being looked into?


Hello @MMP ,

Moderator view is not available yet, so I’d recommend using one of the workarounds that were presented here. 

As soon as this will be available, we will inform our customers.

In case you’d need anything else, please let us know.

We’re happy to help.