How is the user ID created?

  • 26 January 2021
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I know I can make the participants signin with their full name and email address but can I add a third line that will show on the reports, for example a student number. If not how is the USER ID created in the system? And is that assignable?



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Hi @slido4now,

User IDs are randomly assigned unique numbers to help you distinguish between participants in the exports. 

It is possible to add an additional field but it’d have to be done by our customizations team. In addition to the name and email address, we usually add a field like “Company” to collect the companies that your attendees are - however, we can rename that field to “Studen ID” for example. 

To confirm you’d like to have this customization, please email from the email associated with your Slido account and reference to this question. 

Please let us know if this solution would work for you! :) 

Hi, I would like to know how to decode the IDs that our participants have.

We had a poll and we need to know who voted what. in the exported Excel list we see only partly the names, a big part is encoded, e.g. 163a220be6113beb3cb9d13d18d9e1343bb8351b


THX for support, this is really urgent

best, Erika



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Hi @Erika Jensen-Jarolim,

If participants voted anonymously, there is no way to trace who submitted which answer.

The user IDs are randomly assigned and can only help you connect answers across different polls. 

If you want to disable anonymous voting in polls, you need to set this up before the event with a customisation which you can request at For the Q&A, you can disable anonymous questions in your admin before the event.

I hope I got to you in time! If you need urgent help, please reach out to our customer care team at or open a chat from your admin.

Hello! I’m trying to see if a user answered the questions of different rooms. Sort of having a unique identifier of the user without removing the anonymous set up (I don’t need to have their names, just if they answered in more than one room that I count that user individually). Currently with the User ID varies every singe time despite the user being the same. Can someone help me configure that or understand how I can decode it from the User ID?


Hello! I have a poll with several rooms. People can enter to all of the rooms and answer in all or some of them. I need to count how many people answered in any of these rooms, but cannot uniquely identify them (User ID Is not unique or the user, but seems to be unique for the log in moment) so I end up duplicating them in the count. Is there a way to decode that User ID to uniquely identify the users? Is important for me to keep the anonymity of the people so asking them to put their email/name is not an option.


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Hello @Damaris Barbosa,

if a user using one and the same browser votes in different polls across different rooms then the user ID is the same. I have just tested today to vote anonymously into two polls (each in different room) then I did poll results per user export and I was able to identify the same USER ID.

I assume that in your case what could happen is that if someone voted the second time during a different time period they could use either another browser or device for voting (for example first time they voted via PC and second time via their phone) or they could use an incognito browser for voting. In all of these cases the user id is different because Slido recognises them as a new user and there is no way to identify if same anonymous is joining via different browser/device.

I hope this helps. Feel free to test it on your own event and in case you would need any clarifying answers you can approach us via chat or e-mail at