How to share Slido templates?

Is there a mechanism to share templates with other colleagues?

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Hi @Clemsong,

We don’t have a direct mechanism for sharing templates at the moment, but you are able to do this with guest access. When you invite a colleague to your event as a guest, they will see polls from this event in their templates under ‘My polls’. They can then insert these polls into their own events.

Let me know if this helps or if you have any other questions :)

We’d love to be able to create Slidos and share them as templates with other instructors.

We produce entrepreneurship exercises that we make available for free to educators and prefer Slido’s UX to Kahoot!’s, but unfortunately we recommend Kahoot! quite a bit because we can create templated quizzes and share those out.

If Slido had the ability to share out templates, we’d definitely switch to creating and sharing Slido activities with other instructors (which has the added benefit of introducing other instructors to Slido).

Thanks for the great product!

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Hi @JustinTE,

Thank you for sharing your specific use case and for your kind words! 😊


Templates are definitely on our radar but unfortunately, we don’t have any specific updates to share.

I’ll make sure to share this thread with our product team and will update you as soon as we have a more concrete timeline for this! 

Let us know if there’s anything that we can help you with in the meantime. 

Any updates to the feature request for sharing slido templates with other users , e.g. in my company?

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Hi @therealmarcus,

No update yet 😞 We will make sure to update this thread if there’s any news, so keep an eye out.

For now, you can use the workaround I mentioned above - when you invite someone to your event as a guest, they will see polls from this event in their templates under My previous polls and they can then insert these polls into their own events.

Let me know if you need anything else.

We have a small team and we were using Quizalize to run homework and in class interactions with our cohorts.  We typically have about 3 12 week cohorts going on at one time in our division.  We want to move over to Slido but with the issue above, I think my work around is this, but writing to confirm:

  1. Create template
  2. Duplicate template - Share to other team members
  3. When they get the share - they make a copy of that share for EVERY class they teach as an individual event
  4. Delete old events when cohort is complete but don’t delete the original template share
  5. When new templates are made or existing modification, master template holder sends the share out again to team.  So integrity of original template is not damaged or lost and they repeat the same duplicate process


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Hey @Legiziano,

If you’d like to share templates with others, you’d need to follow these steps:

  1. Create an event with polls you want to share

  2. Invite your team to your event as guest collaborators

  3. Guests see polls from your event in their templates under ‘My polls’

  4. Guests can insert these polls into their own events

There’s no need to delete old events. When you have new polls you want to share, simply follow the same steps. Sharing a new event will not affect the original ‘template’.

Hope this helps!

Thanks Meggie, what is weird is when I tried doing that and my coworker was testing it for herself when she was playing with it, it was seeming to still collect data in my version on my account (it was the same event number). Since we are all independently training different cohorts it wouldn’t work for her students data to flow to my account.  

We train staggered cohorts so I might need say quiz 1 now but a coworker will use that quiz in 4 weeks, completely independent of whatever I am doing. 

Plus inviting them to my events would mean I would have to invite them to 12 weeks/3 sessions/week events just to get the polls they want to copy from me to their profile.  Most of them are teaching their own classes (although at a different spot in the timeline than me).  

We are testing out another way.  I made a ‘master’ template.  Copied the template and renamed it, made up a new event number, then transferred the copy to my coworker.  It seems like that may be our go around?

We want to create a survey/set of polls as a template that can be used by multiple facilitators of that course each time they teach it to a different cohort in Webex. What’s the best way to achieve this? Would the template creator share the template with each facilitator, then each facilitator duplicates the template for themselves in order to have it appear in their Slido app during the Webex meeting?

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Hey @Christine Padberg ,

The best and most direct way to do this is to have 1 person create the template > duplicate it > transfer to the User within your organization that will need to use this set of polls in their event.

This way, each presenter has their own Event with the set of polls needed to run their meeting.

If those running the events are not a User on the same organization, you can invite them as a guest to the event and they can then run it but they will not Own it.

Let us know if this would work, or if you have any other questions!