Is it possible to see who answered the fastest, show audience questions only to a moderator and prevent participants from voting twice?

  • 22 July 2021
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Hello everyone, 

I have some questions:

In a poll/quiz, would it be possible to see who is the fastest to answer?

In Q&A, can we set to display questions from the audience only for the moderator?

In a poll, open for around 1 hour, can a participant change his/her vote during it or vote twice?





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3 replies

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Hi @aija,

Great questions!

You can see who is the fastest to answer in a quiz, but not in other polls. At the end of each quiz, you’ll see a leaderboard which shows the top 5 participants based on the number of correct answers and their speed. In your admin, you will see everyone’s time of response.

Yes, you can set the Q&A to only display questions for the moderator using the moderation feature. This allows you to select which questions are published for everyone. Moderation is available from the Professional plan.

Yes, participants can change their answers, unless you lock voting, but they can’t vote twice. By default, participants can change or edit their answers in an active poll and this can be prevented by locking the voting which doesn’t allow anyone to vote. When it comes to voting multiple times - the browser remembers that a participant has voted and it does not allow them to vote twice. They could only vote twice if they opened the event in another browser or incognito mode. If you’re using a word cloud or an open-text poll, make sure to disable the option for multiple responses.  

Let me know if you have any further questions :)

Is there a way to make it so the speed of participants’ answers doesn’t matter in quizzes? My team are complaining that it isn’t fair on people that have slower internet connections, English isn’t their first language etc which is fair enough. To make it more inclusive I’d like it to just be a simple 1 point for correct, 0 points for incorrect. Is this possible? 

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At the moment, you can’t disable measuring participants’ speed in quizzes, but the leaderboard uses the number of correct answers as the main metric and only relies on speed if two participants are tied.

However, if you want to completely disregard speed, you could run a survey instead. After all participants have submitted answers, you could export poll results per user and see only the number of correct answers as the survey doesn’t rely on speed.

Thank you for the insight though! I will pass this on.

Hope this helps! :)