Is it possible to use Slido for a non-live event?

Is it possible to use Slido outside of a live event? I am interested in sharing documents with my audience then then having them respond with polls, questions and more, but over the space of several days on their own time, not just immediately in a meeting. 


Is this possible?


Thanks so much for any guidance.

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I’m interested in using Slido for strategic planning, and use polls and questions that respondents can look at over several days as they read and respond to posted documents (elsewhere in a cloud) in their own time. 

Is this possible with Slido? Can the events and poll etc stay open for several days?


Thank you.

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Hi @jsg,


Yes, this is possible by sharing a permanent link to your event with your audience. They’ll be able to submit their questions and vote in polls asynchronously.

When using a permanent link, your event remains active forever (or until you delete it). All the security settings remain, however, your participants will only be able to access it via the link and not the event code. The event code expires within 7 days. 


Just a quick tip - if you have multiple polls planned for your participants, I’d suggest compiling them into a survey. This way, all of the polls will be active at the same time and your audience can vote in all of them in their own time. 

I’d also suggest keeping the moderation off so that your audience can see the questions that have already been submitted in real-time and upvote the ones that they’d want to ask too. This will prevent multiple questions asking the same. 


Let me know how everything worked out and if you need any more help! Seems like a very interesting use case :) 

This is awesome. While people are responding to that non live event can I still run a poll during a live event?

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Hi @Bramelbella,

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to run two polls at the same time. 

However, you can always create multiple rooms, where one room will be dedicated to pre or post event surveys, collecting questions, etc. and then have the second one dedicated to the live event where you can run polls live. 

Here’s more info on how to set up multiple rooms 🚪


Let me know if this set up works for you or if you need any other questions!

Quick question on this - if using this for a “post-event” survey, will participants see results as they respond. My preference would be that they would not be able to see the full results, but the data be available for our organisation to review?

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Hi @James.Watts81,

It’s definitely possible to set up your post-event survey in a way where your participants won’t be able to see the results. 

You simply click on “hide results” in your admin. Here’s a quick step-by-step on how to set it up 👇


Let me know if there’s anything else that I can help you with! 😊


Let me know if there’s anything else that I can help you with! 😊

Thanks Alex,

Would I also be able to see “who” responded in a certain way within the poll results? I know typically the results are anonymised.


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Thanks Alex,

Would I also be able to see “who” responded in a certain way within the poll results? I know typically the results are anonymised.


@James.Watts81 There are 2 ways to achieve this:

  1. You can turn on “require name” in Slido settings, so that if a participant wants to join Slido, they’ll have to submit their name and/or email address. Please note that they will still have the option to switch back to anonymous if they choose to. 
  2. Or you can simply ask for their name in one of the questions of the survey. 

Here’s a quick article explaining both options in more detail 👇


Depending on the content of your presentation and your audience, it may be worth to think about just how important participants’ names are for you when it comes to feedback. From our experience, if you require their names, the feedback tends to be much more general and less open. However, you do lose the option to follow up with them on specific pieces of feedback afterwards. 


Let me know if either of the options could work for you! 😊

Hi, I created the permanent link so the audience can fill out the slido in their own time, but when I sent the link to myself to test it I dont see a way to move to the next question, it stays stuck in the question I just answered and the only option is edit response, your help is appreciated


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Hey @JuanpaB,

At the moment, participants can’t answer multiple polls if you send them a permanent link. They will only be able to answer the poll that’s active or the poll you’ve shared via a direct link.

However, there is a workaround - you can merge your polls into a survey, because surveys allow participants to answer multiple questions at the same time. You can then either share a permanent link to the whole event and make sure the survey is active or just share a direct link to the survey poll.

Hope this helps! :) Let me know if you have any further questions!