One Slido Q&A for Multiple "Ask Me Anything" sessions

  • 10 August 2023
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We’ll be hosting several “AMA” drop-in sessions for a large number of attendees to ask questions relating to a large change initiative.  The attendees at each of the 4 sessions may or may not be the same. 

We’d like to only have one unique slido Q&A and passcode to be used for all 4 sessions with the ability to easily mark a question as answered during session 1, then reopen it to be available for upvoting / recall at the next session.  It would also be beneficial to identify the questions that were asked during each session.  

Is this possible? 


Best answer by Carly from Slido 14 August 2023, 18:45

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Hey @Tiffany B. ,

Thank you for your question and details around what you’d like to accomplish.

This is all very possible with Slido.

  • I would suggest to collect name and email for those joining the slido.
  • We also have Participant Privacy which is a paid feature allowing you to force named responses or allow anonymous responses.
  • How many participants you are expecting will determine which plan would best work for you as the capacity for joined participants is different with each plan.
  • You can run a single slido for up to a year with paid annual plans, so using this will allow you to have a single for your Q&A, you can archive and answer questions as well as recall them if needed.

Let us know if you have any other questions!