Participant Privacy: Set anonymous or named questions and poll votes by default

  • 12 April 2022
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Slido is gradually rolling out a new user interface. If the below steps and visuals match what you are seeing within your account, then you are using the new interface and this article is for you. If not, please see this version.


You can decide whether you want your audience to ask questions and participate in polls anonymously or with their names by default. This is all done through privacy settings and can be set up for individual slidos or at the organizational level.


Even if you’re using Single Sign On (SSO), your audience can interact with Slido totally anonymously. Or if you'd rather everyone use their names, you can set this up too. 


Available in Professional, Enterprise, Premium, and Institution plans


In this article:



Participant privacy options


Slido offers four different options for participant privacy. Below you’ll find each option explained and also see what the audience experience looks like.


Note that these options don’t apply to a quiz in Slido – where participant names are required to participate


Anonymous by default: Questions and poll votes are submitted anonymously unless participants switch to their names 


Anonymous by default


Named by default - Questions and poll votes are submitted with participant names unless they switch to anonymous


Named by default


To ask for a name when participants join Slido, turn on the require name option. You can find it under Settings > Privacy > Require authentication.


Always stay anonymous - Questions and poll votes are submitted anonymously with no option to include a name


Always stay anonymous


Always require a name - Questions and poll votes are submitted with participant names and no option to switch to anonymous


Always require a name


When this option is selected, participants will be asked to enter their name when joining the slido as shown in the example below:


Participant providing their name when joining a slido


Participants can use any names, including “Anonymous”. It is also possible to change their name in their Profile. Once changed, the new name will apply to any previously submitted questions and poll votes. Please note, however, that if your organization has single sign-on (SSO) in place for the slido, this is not possible.




Changing privacy settings for a single slido


To set your preferred option on an individual slido:

  1. Open your Settings
  2. Select Privacy on the left
  3. Use the dropdown menu under Participant privacy to select an option and click Save
Change participant privacy for a single slido



Changing privacy settings for all new slidos


If you want all your future slidos to be set the same way:

  1. Open up your organization settings by clicking on your initials in the upper right corner > Organization settings and billing
  2. Click on the Privacy tab and see the dropdown menu under Participant
  3. Choose your preferred option and click Save
Change participant privacy for all new slidos


This sets the default participant privacy setting for all of your future slidos. However, the setting can still be changed for individual slidos from their Settings.


If you wish to lock these settings, simply click the lock icon. Doing this will make it so participant privacy settings on individual slidos can not be changed.

Lock participant privacy for all new slidos


If the setting is locked, below is what you will see when trying to change participant privacy for an individual slido.

Unable to change participant privacy when it’s locked on organization level




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18 replies



I want to see the company names of the participants during voting and Q&A’s. So that I can see in the Analytics Export: 

Participant X of Company Y with the Email Adress Z voted for xyz or asked Question(s) xyz.


Thank so much in advance! It is very urgent. 

Best wishes

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Hey @CBED,

To see the name and email of a participant in the analytics export, please first enable this in the event settings. If you would also like to collect the company name, please reach out to us at and we will set this up for you. 

When all of these are set up and you export "Poll results per user", you will see all participants’ names, emails and companies and what they answered in each poll. To see which questions they asked, you will need to export “Questions”.

I hope we got to you in time! For quicker responses, feel free to reach out to us via email at or via chat on our website. Let me know if you have any questions.


I would like to have my participants be named by default. I followed the instructions above to change the Participant Privacy settings accordingly but the options still show “Stay as Anonymous” and “Switch to Anonymous”.

May I know how I can fix this?


I am on the Webex plan (SSO).


Thank you for your help.

-- Beatrice


I just used Slido integrated in Webex Webinar within a customer Webcast.

As we want to use the polls for the lead generation it is mandatory to get the participants name and email-address. As requested that is possible in the meanwhile within slido.

My Slido privacy settings:

  • Participant privacy - Always require name
  • Require authentication - on
  • Require name - on
  • Require email address - on

It mainly seems to work for logged in users of my company and guests using the Webex desktop client.

Unfortunately its seems that some guests within the Webex browser client are still  anonymous.

Screenshots of two different polls in two different Webex Webinars:

I could replicate this behaviour in the second case by using my private Webex account with the browser client (unfortunately in german language):

Slido does not take over my login credentials but old ones I have used previously als user “I am the Browser”. As long I do not click on “continue as I am the Browser” (Fortfahren als I am the Browser) within my profile, I am anonymous in the Slido event.


I’m not sure what’s going wrong here but this forces me to use the Webex internal polls again.

Can you please assist with this? 

Hi Beatrice,

I don’t work for Slido, but I might have answer. It looks like the “Anonymous” next to the “Red A” is the name of the user answering questions in your screenshot. You can try to change the name “Anonymous” by tapping/clicking on it. 

I also like to test my Slido events using an incognito/private browser, and on my phone. This way, I can see what the users will see.


To open an Incognito/InPrivate browsing session from Chrome or MS Edge,  Press Ctrl+Shift+N

This new window won’t have you logged in to any sites or applications.


Hope that helps!


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Hey @Rouven Webcast Account,

At the moment, Webex can’t capture data of participants who aren’t in your Webex organisation. Even if you have all the settings you mentioned, external participants will still show up as anonymous in your exports.

To capture external participants’ data, you can either ask them to join Slido via a browser by using the event code or the QR code. Alternatively, you could run a survey which asks participants for names and email addresses. When you export Poll results per user, their answers across polls will be connected.

Hope this helps :)

What I would really like to see is the below. 

If I have enabled the requirement for al participants to log in using company domain name, 

How come admin cannot access the email address they used?

I say this because I dont do anonymity and all the participants know this so , If I receive very specific feedback, I want to reach out to the individual and resolve the issue. 

I have read through the responses here and I dont think this is possible yet its appears quite basic

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Hi, @Abed

I’m sorry to hear that the settings did not work as expected.

If I understand it correctly you have set up the restricted access by going to Privacy > Require authentication > require email and then Restrict who can access the event.

Once a participant submits a vote or a question, you can see their email address (and a name) in questions and polls per user exports unless they switched to anonymous while voting or submitting questions. 

If you want to prevent anonymous responses completely, I would suggest to also change the Participant privacy option to “always require name”. 

Please do let me know if that helps. 

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Hello everyone!

@Beatrice and @Rouven Webcast Account - I’ve got some good news! External participants’ data can now be passed to Webex. 

That means, that if you set your privacy settings to collect participants’ data, you’ll be able to see them in your exports. 

All my best,


Hello @Dasa from Slido ,

This are good news!

Can you please provide some more details on the how-to, e.g.

  • Is this dependent on the Webex Version. We’re currently using
  • Does it work with Webex Meeting and Webinar?
  • Is it necessary to record the Meeting/Webinar?
  • Which privacy settings are necessary within the Slido event?
  • Where to download the individualized polling reports: Slido oder Webex. I still get anonymous reports of Webex guests in the Slido “Poll results per user”

I appreciate your customer orientated work!



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Hi, @Rouven Webcast Account

Those are great points! Thanks for flagging them.

Indeed, the functionality is available from the Webex version 42.10. Sorry for not including it in my update! 

To address your remaining questions: 

  • Yes, you can now see the external participant data in both Webex Meetings and Webinars
  • Recording does not impact the functionality
  • If you want your participants to submit their responses with their name, then in Participant Privacy settings select Always require name. If preferred, you can also Require email if you tick require authentication under Privacy
  • You can download the polls per user results from both Slido standalone and Webex sidebar. Just a note here, there’s currently a bug preventing Mac users to download results in Webex sidebar. If that’s your case, please go to your Slido account and export results from there.

Hope that helps! Happy to assist further if needed. 

All my best


Hello @Dasa from Slido ,

On Friday we’ve received the needed Webex version 42.10 for Webex Meetings.

Just minutes ago I startet a test if I can identify individual participants in my Slido pollings.

Unfortunately I get only the Name (which is new and good) but not the desired Email-Address of guests (web client and desktop client) even if I checked the following Privacy settings within my Slido event:

  • Participant privacy: Always require name  
  • Require authentication: on
  • Require name: on
  • Require email address: on

The name only is not enough to identify an individual user. Does this work as designed or is it a bug?

Best Regards,


Here you find some screenshots:

Slido export: Poll results per user:


Profile of a Webex guest (without Webex Account): Name but Email-Address is not taken over from Webex. 

Slido privacy settings:


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Hi, @Rouven Webcast Account

sorry about the trouble! You’re right, guest participants’ emails are not yet passed from Webex to Slido. My apologies for not making it clear before. 

The team confirmed that emails should be included in exports in November or December. 

I’ll make sure to let you know once it’s fixed!


All my best,

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Hi, @Rouven Webcast Account

As promised, I’ve got some good news to share! We just released a fix and guest participants’ emails collected during a Webex meeting or webinar are now available in exports. 

Wishing you a great rest of the day!

All my best, 


Hey @Dasa from Slido ,

I just checked it and it works! Nice job.- Thumbs up!

When I’m right, I have to set “Require email address” in the privacy settings to get the email-address in the “Poll results per user” report. 

Thank you,
 @Rouven Webcast Account 

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Hi, @Rouven

I’m glad to hear you find it useful! 

Yes, to get emails and names of your participants, you’ll need to select those options in Privacy Settings. 

Based on what you mentioned earlier, ’d suggest the following: 

  • Hidden from search - enabled (recommended)
  • Participant privacy - “Named by default or “Always require name” - depends on whether you want to give your participants the option to vote or ask questions anonymously or not
  • Require authentication - enabled
    • Require name - enabled
    • Require passcode - enabled (recommended)
    • Require email - enabled


Hope this helps!

Is it possible to set the default to anonymous for Polls and default to named for Q&A?

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Hey @joshea,

This is not possible at the moment because the setting will be the same for both polls and Q&A. However, if you select ‘Anonymous by default’, you could then ask your participants to enter their names in the Q&A.

Hope this helps!