Poll not moving when I want to move to next slide


When I run in presentation mode the first poll works fine and I move to the next slide - a non poll slide. However when I run the second poll a few slides later, it does not move to the next slide displayed in powerpoint presentation mode. It only moves slides when I get to the next poll. And then I get stuck on second poll slide even thorugh I have 10 other slides to follow. 

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Hey @AFingers ,

This behavior seems off, could you write to with a screen recording of the behavior? Is this happening with all of your Powerpoint presentations with Slido or just one Slido event in particular?

We look forward to figuring out what the issue is here so you can have a seamless presentation with Slido integration.


I think the issue related to using a slido slide for next slide by deleting the content, updating with my points. 

When I deleted the slides that were not moving on between the polls,  and created new slides, there was no issue.