Word cloud not displaying seamlessly

  • 5 January 2022
  • 3 replies

When I use WORD CLOUD, People askers more than 25 characters, they get problem like this picture. The answer does not display seamlessly

3 replies

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Hi @Anhanh98,

I’m sorry your Word Cloud didn’t go to plan!

I think the problem might be that your participants were submitting full sentences into the Word Cloud instead of just key-words? Unfortunately, Word Cloud will break out a sentence if it contains more than 5 words. 

If you’re collecting more than just key-words, I’d suggest using an Open Text poll instead. It’s not as visual as a Word Cloud but it won’t break up a longer text.


Please let me know if this could have been the problem or if you need any more help! 😊

So I’m just testing slido.  Only 4 of the 7 words I entered appear on the results on the word cloud.  I’m not entering sentences.  “What” “No one” and “Noone” didn’t show.  I tried reloading my participant page and still couldn’t enter those words.  They appear in the moderation list but there seems to be no way to allow them into the votes.  These are legitimate answers to my poll.  Why aren’t they showing?

Also, if the same answer is submitted multiple times shouldn’t that word grow?

Why are all the words horizontal?  Word clouds should allow vertical words too

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Hey @Matt B,

The word cloud has an algorithm for filtering words that are deemed not meaningful. To make sure that the word cloud shows the most relevant answers, it filters out certain words like ‘about’ or ‘also’ which is why the words ‘what’ and ‘no one’ and ‘noone’ did not show up. If these are important for your poll, I would suggest using an open text poll instead.

If a word has been submitted many times but is not growing, it’s likely that it was submitted multiple times by just one participant. Even if one person submits a word 100 times, it will still be counted as 1 vote. When you’re testing your event and want to see how the word cloud works, I would suggest joining the event from multiple devices or incognito browsers - this will show you how words grow when submitted by different participants multiple times. Let me know if you tried this and it didn’t help.

Thank you for your insight about vertical words - I will submit this as an insight :)

Hope this is useful!