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What's new in Slido, recap edition: September 2023

  • 25 September 2023
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What's new in Slido, recap edition: September 2023
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The time has flown here at Slido HQ, so now you’re fresh and ready to settle into your end of year routines.

For now, we’d love to share something new for September then recap what features you may have missed over the Summer. 

🔒Changes to SAML SSO for Participants



We have simplified our process of SAML SSO setup, making things easier for you and your organization. 

How does it work?

  • Centralization & simplification: Only Slido admins and account owners can upload the SAML XML file into the organization settings. Once this is set on the organization level, end-users won’t be able to work with SAML XML file anymore, as it will be automatically propagated from the organization settings.
  • Improved privacy: Slido admins and account owners can enforce SAML SSO on all events in the organization (including all past and future events) without the exceptions of any individual event.

👉 Check out our Community article on all things SSO for more info 👈


🎥 A Reminder: Zoom is coming to Slido

Zoom integration pending


In case you missed it, we are delighted to be pairing up with Zoom to make your meetings even better! 

Interested? Join our Waitlist!

▶️ Slido Teamed up with Vidcast in June

You can now add polls to your vidcasts, improving asynchronous interaction. Find out how with this help center guide from Vidcast themselves. 

This integration is currently available to Webex customers only and includes multiple choiceword cloudopen text and rating poll types.

🖥️ All Slido users can now close their Q&A session without upgrading.


Previously a feature on select plans, closing your Q&A session in Slido is now accessible to all plans.

Hope you enjoyed that summer wrap up! 

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