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  • 24 August 2020
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If you don't want to receive any new questions, you can close your Q&A. While your participants won't be able to submit any new questions, you will still be able to work with them and display all the ones which have already been submitted.


The option to close Q&A is available in all plans.

To close the Q&A:

  1. Go to the Settings cog on the top right
  2. Navigate to Features and select Audience Q&A
  3. toggle on the option to Close questions
  4. When you return to the Audience Q&A tab, it will say Audience Q&A closed

when using the multiple rooms feature, the same applies. You can close the Q&A by going to Event Settings > Features > Audience Q&A and enabling the option Close questions.


Participants can still upvote and/or downvote questions unless you decide to close voting as well.

Close questions for participants

This is how closed questions will look for your participants:

Participant View of closed questions

For Professional plans and above, you can close Questions from the Audience Q&A tab in admin from Questions settings. This will generate a pop up where you can toggle on Moderation and Close questions. there’s also a checkbox to close voting, which will disable upvotes. 

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