How to unlink an event from a Google Slides presentation?

  • 13 October 2020
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I have a Slido session created by another user that is linked to my Slides presentation. I want to remove that Slido account and use mine in the same presentation.  When I log into my account from the Slides sidebar, I get:

“This presentation is linked to another Slido account. To edit existing polls or add new ones, please switch to the Slido account connected to this presentation.”


But I can’t find a way to unlink the other Slido account. I’ve tried when logged in as the other user.  We also deleted the Slido session from the other user’s Slido events, but it’s still linked to the Slides presentation.

Please Help!



9 replies

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Hi there!


In this case, the fastest way for you to link a new event to your presentation would be to duplicate your Slides, and then linking the new event to the new (duplicated) Slides


This way, you’ll have the old account linked to the original presentation and your account with the new event linked to your new Slides, which will be identical to your old deck.


Please let me know if this makes sense and if you got it to work! :relaxed:

Thanks. I had thought of doing that and it did work, but it’s not an ideal solution as various people had a link to the original presentation, so then their link is no good any more.  Probably a good product enhancement to provide away to “unlink” a slide deck in case you want to change it, etc.


Thanks for pointing this out! We’d love to hear more from you to understand the problem better. I’ve sent you a personal message.




Has this problem been resolved?


Many thanks

This is still ongoing. I cannot add in a different slido and remove the older slido on a different account in the Gslides.. Creating a new or copying isn’t ideal.

Super, super frustrating. I was overjoyed when our IT team did a share screen to show me how to incorporate the Word Cloud into our All Hands presentation for tomorrow. Had I know that by him demonstrating the feature with a random Slido that he’s a user on, I would then be completely unable to to add the actual Slido event that I need linked to the presentation, well . . . I never would have let him demonstrate. Now my option is to duplicate a presentation that a whole bunch of collaborators are actively working on and change the link at the last minute?? Ughhhh. 🤦🏽

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Hi @Kat111 

Sorry to hear of your frustration here, would your colleague assigning you as a collaborator work? I’m not sure how your colleague demonstrating a feature would prevent you being able to add an event to your account, could you tell us a little bit more about what’s happened here? 

You have options to duplicate your event and reuse your Google or Powerpoint presentations, depending on which you are currently using. 

If this doesn’t help, I would recommend getting in touch with our fabulous customer care team at or live chat through our admin page, who will be happy to look into a solution for you.

Sorry!!! I was freaking out b/c my event was coming up and we could not figure out how to unlink a Slido event from the Google presentation so that we could link the presentation to a different Slido event. When I googled it, everything I found was saying that you had to duplicate the deck and then link the duplicated deck to the Slido that you want, and that just would have been a horrible solution. After about an hour working on it, we found someone internally who knew how to “switch events” in Slido and that solved the problem, but I could not figure out how to delete my comment in the community.

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Hi @Kat111

I’m really glad you managed to sort this out in the end! I will pass on this feedback to the wider team, we’re always striving to make things better for our users. 

If you ever wanted to get to know a little more on how to get the best out of Slido, we also have free Webinars that go through the basics and take questions in a Live Q & A 😊

Hope this helps!