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  • 26 May 2021
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Hi there,
we're considering about switching from mentimeter to slido because of your google slide integration.

However, one thing we miss is the ability to have multiple sliders on one slide. Is that something on your roadmap?


There is a slide format as live polling from menti, where you can have multiple sliders like in the attachment.

There is 3 things I like better in Menti then your ratings:
1. Sliders are nicer than the bar of stars. Stars don't really fit certain questions (e.g. how scared are you doesn't relate well to "I am 5 stars scared").
2. I can have multiple related sliders on one slide. Slido forces all sliders onto a new slide. This is very limiting.
3. For large audiences, the distribution illustration is extremely valuable. If my team is split into two polarised extremes, the next steps have to be very different compared to everybody is centered. Both produce the same average however.

7 replies

The fact that I was able to copy and paste all the answer choices into one question at a time suggests to me that an export-import function would work. 

What i have not done is to determine whether copying (selected) slides in the Outline mode in PowerPoint and pasting into Slido would also work. That could be faster, but i suspect there might be problems with slide headers. 

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Hi @K0822,

Are you trying to move multiple-choice questions from a different app into Slido? That is not possible at the moment, so you would need to type your questions and add them to the presentation again.

I will pass this on as a feature request.

Cori, your answer is quite helpful , but in another area that i am trying to understand also.

i have a presentation organized with multiple choice questions that i used with another web-based system that is not so well integrated with webex. in transitioning to slido, my question had to do with “how to” import these questions/answer choices without having to rekey all if them again. 

thanks, Cori for the clarification. 

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Hi @K0822

Are you trying to run an event you created through the PowerPoint integration using switcher? If so all you need to do is delete the Slido slides in your presentation, sign into Slido on your phone and find the event and then when you want to switch to Slido, activate the relevant poll and then press the switch button to show Slido. 

Hope this helps! If you need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our wonderful customer care team through live chat in Slido admin or by contacting


How does one import polling questions [multiple choice answers] from PowerPoint into Switcher?

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Hi @basilweibel,

Thank you for considering Slido as a tool and for your valuable feedback. I’ll make sure to pass this on to our product team!

Although we continuously work on enriching our polling experience, I can’t promise any particular timeline for your feature requests at this time.


Please let us know if you have any other questions :)