How to change ownership in the PPT?

  • 19 June 2023
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Hi! Nice to meet you guys, I recently started using Slido in my company and I faced with a problem.

Intern who worked before me made a Slido PowerPoint, and I have fix the quiz right now in that PowerPoint file, but It says I have to make an request to change admin for previous Slido owner.


Is there any other way to change Slido ownership in a PowerPoint? 


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Hey @Evelyn.Lee ,

It’s not possible to unlink Slido from the PowerPoint once it was linked together.

There is one possible workaround to achieve this:

  1. Copy slides in the current presentation (slides not the whole PowerPoint)
  2. Open a new blank presentation
  3. Paste the slides in it 
  4. Open Slido in the new presentation
  5. When asked to select session - click Create session
  6. This will break the link between your original presentation and the Slido event used in it.

Hope this helps!

If you’ll have more questions regarding this or anything else, please let us know!