Presentation mode - leave questions open while running to next slide?

  • 21 May 2021
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I was wondering if the following is possible, but can’t find anything. I want to run a poll during a presentation. However, once I go to a next slide, I want to keep the question open. I always have 1 “normal” slide and 1 polling slide. Is it possible that users can actually go back, once the new question is automatically displayed, but they want to keep adding their answer(s) to the prior question?


Thank you! 

8 replies

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Hello @allib 

the integration currently works the same way in this topic. But the workaround mentioned from Meggie above is still actual. That is the only way how it works at the moment.

Hi, has there been any additional progress on this request? I understand the switching back and forth but this is a bit clunky so wondering if you have solved for the integrated solution. 

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Hey @OE_account ,

When you advance through your Powerpoint presentation it will activate and deactivate polls automatically. If you want a poll to remain active during your presentation you would need to activate it from the event at once you advance through the Powerpoint slides. Once you hit another Slido interaction poll in the Powerpoint presentation it should automatically deactivate the previous poll and activate the one on the Slide.

This is the intended flow when integrating Slido into Powerpoint, to activate and deactivate once you get to those polls in your presentation. If you’d like to keep them separate I would suggest Meggies above suggestion.

Let us know if you have any other questions!


Hi @Meggie from Slido and colleagues, did you add this feature (or really: fixed this bug) yet? 

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Hey @wilm and @bob198,

Keeping a poll running in PowerPoint while you move to another slide is still not possible. Instead, you could log into, open your event and select Present mode. When you want to run a poll (ansd move through various slides while it’s active), you just need to switch between PowerPoint and the Slido Present mode by swiping with three fingers on your trackpad (on Mac) or using the keyboard shortcut Alt+Tab (on Windows).

We noted down your request. Hope this helps for now!

Same, has this been updated? Thanks!

Trying to run a survey on a shuffle with live results


I would also like to keep the poll open while moving to the next slide. But it does not seem possible. There hasn’t been an update since last year?

Would it be an alternative to use the ideas option? But there I can not find how to integrate it into ppt?

Thanks and all the best


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Hi there!

At the moment there is no way to keep the poll active once you move onto the next slide. However, we know this is a popular request so we’re looking into adding this feature.
We’ll let you know if there is any update!