Presenting an integrated powerpoint on a different computer

  • 3 September 2022
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Hi. I have created a PowerPoint with Slido integrated on my laptop. I need to present this to a large audience but will have to log in via the lecture hall computer without much time to set up in advance. How do I ensure my integrated slides present properly and the Slido component activates? I can’t currently make it work on another computer


1 reply

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Hey @teacher24,

Hmm that’s an interesting use case. To present from another computer, you would need to download and install our Powerpoint add-on, so if you’re limited on time, I would recommend either using our standalone app and switching between Slido and Powerpoint manually or using our Google slides integration.

Switching between your presentation and Slido is very easy - you just need to log in at, click on your event, open present mode in full screen and then you can switch between this window and PowerPoint using the three-finger swipe on Mac or Alt+Tab on Windows.

If you decide to use the Google slides integration. it works pretty much the same as PowerPoint except you don’t need to download it.

Hope this helps :)