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  • 6 September 2023
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How do I switch between multiple rooms in one PowerPoint? We have different cohorts in one large session and so I’ve created rooms for each cohort, but we want them all to respond to the same question and view the results by cohort at the time of the presentation?

3 replies


Hello @SarahKenoyer,

THere’s a limitation to Powerpoint integration when it comes to multiple rooms. 

You cannot assign multiple rooms to one presentation. It’s either one event or one room per Powerpoint file.

In this case I’d recommend using Present mode instead of integration, as this would not be possible to do within presentation. You can just have present mode opened on the next window, or tab and jump from PPT to present mode. 

Hope this helps!

hello, I wanted to check if the status is still the same on this where you cannot assign multiple rooms in one pptx? We have 1 single ppt deck for all conference panels and have a different room set up for each panel Q&A. But it seems I am not able to select a room when I create an insert an Audience Q&A? I was able to select the first time, but then not after.  thanks.

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Hello @cit 

the limitation is still in place. You can select one room in the beginning but then that room is selected for entire presentation and more rooms can’t be selected. 

You would need a separate powerpoint deck for reach room and integrate it with individual Slido room. In case you are planning to use Slido only for Q&A then you could use Slido Present mode at the end by manually switching from Powerpoint to Slido. That would allow you to select different rooms.