How can a Webex host launch a Slido survey created by someone else?

  • 22 March 2023
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How does my colleague import the questions I have created.

We both have corporate access to Webex & Slido - she runs a functional Webex account that is used by many people for different purposes, so we won’t build our questionnaire on that account for fear of people answering/adjusting it ahead of our turn using the account. I can design the questionnaire and export it but I see no way for her to then import it just before we need to use it on the functional account


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Hey @GR3G ,

The easiest way is to add your colleague to Slido as a collaborator once the time comes. They’ll be able to run polls and manage Q&A during the Webex call. They can also add new polls or edit the existing ones if needed. 

Just a note here - in case they’re launching Slido during a Webex webinar, they’ll need to be a host to be able to do it. 


Hopefully this helps!