Is it possible to create Slido in advance at and then use it in Webex?

  • 17 November 2021
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Is there a way to build polls and a quiz as an event and then integrate it directly with a Webex meeting? 



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9 replies

I may be missing something but is it possible to create a quiz in Slido (in the Slido portal) and then access that in Webex, rather than creating the quiz in the Webex app itself?


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Hi @Chris Young

Yes, it possible! :) 

Go ahead and create the quiz in Slido, then when you run your meeting in Webex Meetings. 

  1. Click the Apps button in the bottom right corner
  2. Select Slido
  3. Select an existing Slido event. You’ll have them listed there. 

Let me know how it goes! Happy to address any questions or concerns.


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Hi @mgarret2,

Yes, it is indeed possible with our Webex integration!

You can create a Slido at and then open the same event in Webex. Just make sure you use the same login details for both. 

When using the integration, your audience will be able to answer polls, participate in quizzes and submit questions right from their Webex panel, same place as where they’d find chat. 

Here’s more information about how to set everything up 👇



Please let me know if you need any help setting up or have any other questions! 

For the Slido integration with Webex, is it possible to launch polls that were prepared prior to the Webex meeting?  Or do they need to be made while the meeting is live?



Is it possible to pull Slido polls that were created prior to my Webex meeting into the live meeting?


Hey JustinD—


As long as you are logged into your Slido account using the Login with Webex button you can absolutely create the Slido event and polls ahead of time. Then when you start your Webex Meeting and click the Apps button > Slido, you should see all your Slido events available to connect! 

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Hi, @JustinD

Yes, it’s absolutely possible! Just make sure you use your Webex credentials when logging into your account at and creating your Slido in advance. 

Here’s how you add your existing Slido to Webex:

  1. In the ongoing Webex Meeting, click the ‘Apps’ icon
  2. In the sidebar, go to ‘Slido (Polling and Q&A)’
  3. Select your event 

You always have the option to select an existing event or create a new one on the spot. 

Hope that helps! Happy to help further if needed.

Dáša from Slido

Can you have a pre-made/pre-saved question, quiz or poll that you can simple drop into your Webex meeting when needed? This would be fundamental to have this option. Please point me to the information that explains how to access this feature. Thank you. 

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Hello there, 

Yes, you can create your polls in advance by going to and logging in with your Webex credentials. Once you’re there, schedule a Slido and create your polls. During your Webex meeting, open Slido from Apps and select your Slido with pre-made polls. 

If you want to use the same poll as a template next time, you can go to again, create a new Slido and the go to poll templatesMy previous polls where you can select your past polls.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.