Is it possible to use Slido in Webex and on the website at the same time?

  • 24 April 2022
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Can I combine both versions of Slido integrated into Webex and Slido website at the same time?

It’s to know if some audiences can respond inside WebEx while those following the live stream use it via the website? 


Best answer by Francesca 25 April 2022, 12:00

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3 replies

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Hi @Val

Definitely! Not a problem, at all. 

You can use both version, the Webex and Slido website together.

This works for any integration, not only in case of Webex, but in any situation you would like to give your audience the possibility to access the event through the website.

Good luck with your meeting!


Thank you Francesca, much appreciated! Just one more clarification.

When the event is finished is it indifferent where I collect the results? Will the full data (inputs, comments etc.) be all in both sites (Webex and Slido) indifferently from which site the attendees introduced their inputs? 

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You’re welcome, Val! 

You’ll have access to your results both through Webex and Slido, but after the meeting it’s easier to go through Slido. Everything will be stored there, both inputs from Webex and Slido. 

Whatever data you collect through Webex, you’ll have in Slido website and vice versa.

Adding a quick guide how to download your inputs, comments ect. 👇