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Hello everyone. My name is syed. I am a medical doctor in the UK with a passion in education and experience sharing amongst clinicians and patients. Thank you for the opportunity and I hope I am able to utilize Slido in making a more lasting impression in my presentations. Thank you. 

Hi! My name is wenyu, I am and I am a university teacher

from Taiwan +1


I am Vikas, from Grad Sch Medicine.

I am post MD doctoral researcher.

I am new to this platform, I hope I can use make most of offerings.


Regards to all!

Hi! My name is wenyu, I am from Taiwan and I am a university teacher

Greetings, I am Kevin. Trying to get the best understanding if this system. And looking to use it in my organization.…




I am very happy to participate in this community.
I am a Webex user and I can see that from now on we will be more entertained and willing to participate in these more lively Webex sessions.
And who I am: Gustavo Majano Instructor at the Cisco Academy in Venezuela.

I’m Artur. I’m a beginner Slido user and I’d like to learn more about Slido with goal to drive engagement during webinars and classroom training that we deliver in our organisation.

Hi ,

I am Donatella I am a beginner Slido user ...I hope to earn it in the best way .Just attending some training.

Perhaps I will make some questions soon :)

thx all .

Thank you so much. 


I am Philippe , 


I will be with you next time for a discussion. Right now I only want to use the poll for an AGA.