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my name is also Alex (in full Aleksejs). I am a school teacher and lector at the university. I would like to use Slido for my lessons.

Good luck!

Hola a Tod@s

Good morning!

I am very new to Slido and want to add more questions to my teams presentation.  I currently only have 3.

How do I go about adding more?




Hey @susan.torpey ,

Free (Basic) Slido license allows you to add 3 polls per event.

If you need more than 3, please take a look at our pricing page where you can see all our plans, and find out which one suits your needs the best. All paid plans come with unlimited number of events and polls.

Hope this helps!

Hello Slido world!

Paul here, planning my first NHS conference with Slido to 100 people with 10 speakers and feeling nervous!

Any tips?

Paul 😀

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Hello @Paul_ 

I would suggest reading this article: https://blog.slido.com/7-tips-for-getting-the-most-out-of-slido-at-your-event-2/

It can help you to go through the most important parts. 


I'm Jan van Veldhuizen. Recently, I started with the Basic subscription on Slido. Surprisingly, the 3-quiz limit isn't a problem. Each quiz can have a bunch of questions. Using the Google Slide add-in, I can slide in these questions anywhere and tag on a leaderboard at the end. This way, one quiz is enough for a solid interactive presentation.

I think @susan.torpey might find this interesting.

One thing though: I wish I could add my own images to the Slido screens. Paying €180 just for that feels a bit steep, especially for the more casual presentations I do outside of work.

Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with Slido so far.