One Q&A for Multiple "Ask Me Anything" sessions

  • 10 August 2023
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We’ll be hosting several “AMA” drop-in sessions for a large number of attendees to ask questions relating to a large change initiative.  The attendees at each of the 4 sessions may or may not be the same. 

We’d like to only have one unique Q&A event and passcode to be used for all 4 sessions with the ability to easily mark a question as answered during session 1, then reopen it to be available for upvoting / recall at the next session.  It would also be beneficial to identify the questions that were asked during each session.  

Is this possible? 

1 reply

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Hey @Tiffany B. ,

Thank you for your question and details around what you’d like to accomplish.

This is all very possible with Slido.

  • I would suggest to collect name and email for those joining the event.
  • We also have a Participant Privacy which is a paid feature allowing you to force named responses or allow anonymous responses.
  • How many participants you are expecting will determine which plan would best work for you as the capacity for joined participants is different with each plan.
  • You can run a single event for up to a year with paid annual plans, so using this will allow you to have 1 event for your Q&A, you can archive and answer questions as well as recall them if needed.

Let us know if you have any other questions!