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  • 24 August 2020
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How to show the leaderboard each time they submit the answer?

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Hey @Ilovesoftware ,

You can also choose to show the leaderboard after a each round of questions as long as you have it marked off on those Quiz questions.

Let us know if this helps!



Hey @christinaclemente,

Our quiz feature always require a name and you can see who voted how in exports, all you need to do is to download “Poll results per user” - plus there will leaderboard of top 5 contestants at the end of the quiz. 

If you have it set up as Survey, I’d recommend set up first question of the Survey as an open text poll, asking for name. That way you can see who voted how in the same export as I mentioned above. Just a note, there won’t be leaderboard, only quiz have that feature. Alternative solution would be to set privacy settings to “Always require name”.

When it comes to Quiz, or Survey, the participant limits of your event applies. So with the Professional plan, that would be 1000 participants.

Please, accept my apology for late reply, we’re sorry about that, your question must have slipped our radar.

Hope this helps!