Reset polls and delete testing questions

  • 24 August 2020
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To avoid mixups, you can reset your polls back to zero and delete test questions once you're done with your dry run.


In case you want to activate the same poll or quiz twice, there's no need to create a new one from scratch. Simply reset the results and have your delegates cast their votes again.

Here’s a quick how-to video on how to test your polls:


In this article:


Reset polls

You can either reset individual polls or multiple polls at the same time.

Resetting a single poll

  1. In Live Polls tab hover over your poll question
  2. Click the three vertical dots
  3. Select Reset results
Deleting a single poll


Resetting polls in bulk

  1. Hover over the icon of any poll you want to reset
  2. Check the box inside the poll icon
  3. Select the rest of the polls you want to reset
  4. Click the "reset" icon on the top of the polls list
Deleting polls in bulk


To select all polls at once, check the box that appears on the top of your polls list after selecting the first poll.


Delete testing questions

Any question you delete from your event will be gone forever and will no longer appear in your Analytics. You can delete questions one by one or in bulk.

Deleting questions one by one

  1. Hover over the question you wish to delete
  2. Clicking the three dots next to it
  3. Select Delete
    Deleting a single question



Deleting questions in bulk

  1. Hover over the question you want to delete and select it
  2. Repeat this for all the other questions you wish to delete or
  3. Check the box on the top to delete all questions at once
  4. Click Delete
Deleting questions in bulk


If you're using moderation, you can approve or dismiss your questions in bulk and then delete them from the Live section or Archive.


Useful tips:

  • Tip 1: Clear your event analytics
    Currently, it's not possible to reset the number of active and joined participants in the Analytics tab after your testing. If you have an annual license, you can simply duplicate your event to do so. Don't worry, all polls and multiple rooms will be duplicated with it! Just don't forget to change the event code in the original event to be able to use the preferred one for the actual (duplicated) one.
View from analytics dashboard


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I no longer see the tick boxes shown in your “Resetting polls in bulk” video and explanation. I’m using Edge browser. Where did they go?!

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Hello @allisterf 

once you select one of the polls to be deleted then you can click on a little arrow above this poll and it would allow you to select all of your polls. Here is a screenshot from my admin: