Can I share my Google slides presentation with people outside of my organization account?

  • 24 August 2022
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Hi All. I am creating lesson plans that will be distributed nationally to classroom teachers. Is it possible to use this plug in to share without requiring log-in to the account add-in? Any other recommended resources that can help make Google Slides interactive in this scenario without the end-user having to sign in or onto something? Thank you for any insight.


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Hey @Creator Chris,

At the moment, when you share a Google slides presentation with Slido slides, the end-user will always need to log in to be able to present it. Since you’re sharing presentations with multiple people, I would recommend that everyone makes a copy of the presentation, signs up for Slido and adds their own polls. This is because I wouldn’t recommend multiple people to use the same Slido event in your slides as their results and questions will combine.

Maybe instead of inserting the Slido poll you could insert a slide with instructions for the kind of poll the end-user should insert?

Hope this helps! :)