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  • 21 March 2023
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I am running a series of two or three surveys interspersed with a presentation over the course of an hour. I have prepared everything in Slido on my personal instance of my corporate Webex account.

The presentation itself is run on a ‘functional’ Webex account - that is, it’s not owned by a person and is reused for a functional part of the business, so creating the presentation there means any number of people hosting that Webex account could see the surveys (no problem) and play with or answer them (problem) before I need to use it.

I can’t see a way to achieve the fairly obvious affordance of being able to import a prepared Slido survey-set (or questionnaire-set, or whatever it’s called). This seems like a major shortcoming. Am I missing something?

3 replies


Hey @GR3G,

I’m not 100% sure about your setup here, but I assume we’re talking about Powerpoint presentation here. 

There is currently no option to unlink a Slido from a PPT presentation once it was linked. But there awe workarounds, where you can copy slides, and then link new Slido to it, that you prepared beforehand. 

If you take a look here it will give you more detailed information. 

If you run into any other issues, I recommend to contact us directly on where we can take it one step further.

Hope this helps!

Hey @Patrik from Slido , please don’t assume Powerpoint! I didn’t mention it so I’m confused as to why you’d bring that in to the equation? We use Keynote and Impress as much as we do Powerpoint but don’t tie surveys into them and are unlikely to need to in the future; we tend to create swiss-army-knife presentations where we can, and present them differently to different audiences at different events.


Let me try to re-state the situation in a different way:

  1. I want to conduct a survey but I want it to be independent and reusable.
  2. I need to decouple the survey from the results, so I can choose where (which Webex account - nothing to do with Powerpoint) to run the survey and then collect the results and use a datestamped filename so I can disambiguate the various result outputs. I want to be able to re-run that survey to generate another packet of responses and I want to be able to share the survey with colleagues on their Webex accounts.
  3. I expect the results format allow me to easily aggregate the results if I need to. For example, if I run the same workshop over several dates and then see the aggregate responses

In my situation, the Webex account I wanted to run the survey on was generic and anyone could rock up and use it. I didn’t want to have my questionnaire exposed on the generic Webex account so I wanted to prepare the questionnaire in advance on my account, then import it to the generic account just when I needed to use it. I’d then export the results as a downloadable file. It’s quite simple and probably cloud free - it certainly won’t need a Microsoft dependency

I hope that’s clearer but happy to chat more if needed.

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Hi @GR3G

apologies for the misunderstanding here. It seems like this may be better discussed further with our customer care team so we can find the right solutions for your use case. 

You can reach out to them through our live chat or by emailing