Which Slido plan am I on when using Webex integration?

  • 31 August 2021
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When I enable Slido in my Webex organization, which Slido plan we can use for free? Do I need to pay extra if I want to use the Enterprise plan?

3 replies

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Hi @Joe Tseng,

When using our Webex integration, you get access to the full Slido enterprise plan with no additional costs attached. 

Hope this helps!


I have a paid WebEx account and have access to Slido. I saw this question was posed a year ago, but I wanted to check if it is still the case that when using WebEx integration, you get full access to the features of the Slido Enterprise plan? Are there any limits on number of polls you can create or number of responses from participants? 


Hello @A15 , 

That is still valid, you have equivalent of Enterprise package, so no limits regarding number of polls or responses to them. However there is a limit of 10 000 participants per event. You can learn more about this plan in this article and on our pricing page.

Hope this helps!