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  • 24 August 2020
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Slido is gradually rolling out a new user interface. If the below steps and visuals match what you are seeing within your account, then you are using the new interface and this article is for you. If not, please see this version.


Polls are a great way to collect inputs from your audience. Whether you're organizing a (remote) company meeting, conference, or teaching a class. You can use them to lighten up the mood, test knowledge, or ask for feedback.

This article explains all the different poll types, plus quizzes and surveys. For more information about running, managing, and testing your polls, see our All about live polls guide.


In this article:


How to start


To get a poll set up, you must first create a slido. Then select a poll type under Add new interaction, enter your poll question, and watch as it saves automatically. 


Create your first poll


Once your poll is ready, it will appear under My interactions, where you can activate and deactivate the poll when needed.


Your poll question can contain up to 256 characters. There's no character limit for responses to an open text poll for participants.



Multiple choice Poll


Poll the audience with a multiple choice question to learn more about their preferences and opinions. A multiple choice poll is also a quick way to check your audience's understanding of presented content in real-time.

Each option in a multiple choice poll can be up to 256 characters long.

Set up a multiple choice poll


Find more options for your poll under Poll settings. Learn more in our multiple choice poll guide.



Word cloud


A word cloud turns open-text responses into a cloud of words whose size will depend on how many times they have been submitted by the participants. To learn more about how it works, check our What is a word cloud article.


Create a word cloud


Find more options for your poll under Poll settings. Learn more in our word cloud guide.


Word clouds work best visually with short answers so advise your participants to use one to three words when using the word cloud to get the best results



Open text Poll


Use the open text poll to have attendees type in words or longer text. Perfect for open ended questions to inspire. You can toggle on multiple answers and show respondent names from the Poll settings if you’d like to see where the ideas are coming from!


Create an open text poll


Find even more options for your poll under Poll settings. Learn more in our open text poll guide.


Please note that the open text poll is limited to 5000 responses to optimize performance.



Ranking Poll


Learn about your participants’ preferences by letting them prioritize the options with a ranking poll. The poll settings give you the option to select the number of options you’d like ranked, and an option to randomize the options display for each participant.


Create a ranking poll


Find more options for your poll under Poll settings. Learn more in our ranking poll guide.



Rating Poll


Create a rating poll and allow attendees to send feedback on your presentation or rate their experience. A rating poll can be from 1-10 stars or even emoji’s, to get an even better sense check of your participants.


Create a rating poll


Find more options for your poll under Poll settings. Learn more in our rating poll guide.




Test the knowledge of your audience, be it a training session, exam, or trivia night. 


Wanna run a fun quiz, but aren’t sure what questions to ask? Use the random question generator in the upper right corner.


Create a quiz

Find more options for your quiz under Poll settings. Learn more in our quiz guide.


A quick quiz with up to 5 questions works like a charm to engage the audience and to drive healthy competition. 





Add a survey to your interactions to run multiple polls at the same time, collect feedback, rate multiple items and add an "other" option to a multiple choice poll.

Surveys are available in all paid plans

Build your survey by creating your first poll question and then adding more using the + Add another question option.

For example, you could start with a word cloud, followed by a rating poll, an open text poll to ask for the reason for your rating.

Create a survey


Each poll within your survey has its own separate Poll settings. Simply select a specific poll to adjust it. Learn more in our survey guide.



Useful information and tips


Reorder polls in a survey
Drag and drop the polls to rearrange them.

Rearrange polls in a Survey


Test your Polls

It's always a good practice to test everything before you go live. Activate your poll by clicking Start interaction, then select View as participant near the bottom right corner.
Cast a vote and observe how the results change. Finally, click the Present mode button in the bottom right to check how the results will look for the participants.

To learn more about testing in advance, check out our Test your slido article.


Reset your Poll results

Once you're done with testing, click the three vertical dots next to your poll under Interactions and select Reset results from the dropdown. This ensures the data will only be collected from your live event or meeting.


Share your Polls with participants

Display Present mode on your screen to let participants join via the specific code. Your audience will be able to use this code during the dates you set up for your slido. Alternatively, you can send out the direct link or a QR code to your slido via email or internal platform to collect votes, crowdsource questions, and brainstorm ideas asynchronously during or even before your event or meeting. Find these options under the green Share button in the upper right corner



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32 replies

Hi I want to select a random winner of our quiz. We might have 100 participants so want the winners to win a prize plus a random draw of all participants for the last prize. Is this possible? Thanks in advance


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Hi @Icolorist,

Unfortunately, this is not possible to do via Slido.  

Our leaderboard will only give you the winner of the quiz based on the most correct answers in the least amount of time. We don’t support a random winner feature.

What I can suggest is to export the list of users after your quiz and then run them through some kind of program that would choose a random name.


Let me know if there’s anything else that I can help with 😊


what about the limit of questions (or items as used by SLIDO) in a survey? I got a system message of having to much items in a survey.

So right now I do not know, if I used to many characters - to many questions/ items - to many bytes (using pictures etc.)

How can I guess the maximum capacities of a survey before I set it up?


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Hi @HM-cleo,

There are no specific limits on the number of questions or characters in a survey but there is a limit of 100 polls or 100 000 characters per room overall. Have you added more than that to your survey or your event?

Hope this helps!

Is it possible to create multiple text boxes for one question in survery? For an instance, My survey question is

1.  What are the top three challenges you face to generate leads ?

< users are free to enter three challenges of their choice>


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Hi @vignesh,

The survey does not allow participants to send multiple answers to open-text polls at the moment.

Instead, you could have three separate open-text polls in the survey, then export the results and combine them manually. You could also set up an open-text poll, allow multiple answers and send participants a direct link just to this poll.

I can see that it would be useful to mark some questions as mandatory so I am passing this on :)

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions 🤗


is it possible to set the survey that the participants could answer the same survey several times?

I would like to use it to collect the customers’ opinion at one place but my collegue would collect and write the customers’ answers.

Thank you,


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Hi @Alena,

Participants can only answer a survey multiple times if they open the survey in a new browser or device. This is because their browser remembers their votes.

Could you tell me a little more about your use case? Maybe there’s a workaround :)

Hello there,


I’m using the quiz feature and set “always stay anonymous” in the features section and have made sure that ‘leader board” is not selected in the questions but Slido keeps asking for participant names and displays the names and the leaderboard! Help!


Is there a way to have people select where they’re from and it appear live on a map?

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Hey @TC_user,

The quiz poll is the only poll that can’t be truly anonymous, because the system needs names to be able to display the leaderboard at the end.

Running a survey or a a few multiple choice polls might be more suited for your use case as they can be anonymous.

Hope this helps :) Let me know if you need anything else!

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Hey @andrewCBP,

No, not at the moment but it’s a great idea! Instead, you could run a word cloud and the place with the most participants will appear the biggest.

Hope this helps :)

When names are entered into the quiz section do they not automatically save for the polls in the same slido presentation?

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Quizzes are designed to ask for the participant name for them to join. Whilst I can see it would be a good idea to have this automatically save for the polls, here at Slido we like to enable participants and presenters to set their own preference.

You can do just that by setting up your event to enabling the option to require participants names when they join the event, meaning you could see what decisions were made and who made them. 
This is available with our Engage plan and higher. You could always spark a discussion after the polls in the event, alternatively! 

Hope this helps!


Can I create a “ranking” poll with multiple questions, or is it 1 question per poll and I have to run separate polls for each question?


If I can do multiple questions in 1 poll, how do I do that?



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Hey @moshiko51 ,

You can create a Survey which will allow you to input multiple polls that are all active for your participants to respond to asynchronously. If you have individual Polls you will need to activate each one manually.

Let us know if you have any other questions!


One time run quiz , if we run the quiz again, the previous results are still showing. Why is this?

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Hey @Gajendra ,

When you run any type of Poll it will retain the submitted responses unless you Reset the Poll Results before running it again.

Let us know if this helps!


I will organize a training, need record how many people attended and the attend time and trainee’s Email, which type poll or quiz could I use? 

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Hey @Austin ,

You can get participants names and emails when they join your event and you can see the information in the exported data of joined participants.

There is no poll necessary for collecting this data as it can be required upon entry to the event itself.

Let us know if this helps!


Is there a way to stop people voting more than once in a poll, please? We’d like people attending a car show to vote for their favourite car, but in the past, the owners of certain cars have spent the day voting for their own car, massively skewing the results! They’ll be voting on their smart phones. 

Thank you,


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Hey @Sarah465 ,

You can Secure Your Event a few different ways to prevent those from joining the event. If they are joining from their phone it will keep them logged as the same person and shouldnt be able to vote multiple times.

If they are responding to a Poll there should be an option in the Poll settings to “Allow multiple responses” so keeping this turned off would be good.

You can also change the Participant Privacy Settings to “Always require Name” which will show the person in the exports for what votes they submitted.

Let us know if you have any other questions!



I would like to run a survey just for fun and wondering if there is a way to disable all ratings except of the highest one? So people are forced to vote only on the highest one :) Thank you! 


Hey @Evaasksqs,

I’m not sure what you mean by that, can you give us a bit more info please?

Which of our polls you have in mind please?


Hi there, I’m setting up a multiple choice quiz for an event later this week. Guests will scan the QR code when they arrive to take the quiz. I have two questions:

  1. We want to be able to see the results of who got the most questions right. In the settings I made it so people are required to add their name before taking the quiz. However, I’ve been testing it out on my end and I’m unable to see my name in the results after I took the quiz. Can you let me know how to see this?
  2. Is there a limit to how many people can take this quiz? We have the Professional package.