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  • 24 August 2020
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Polls are a great way of collecting inputs from your audience. Whether you're organizing a (remote) company meeting, a conference, or teaching a class, you can use them to lighten up the mood, test knowledge, or ask for feedback. 

You can choose from various types of single polls, run a Quiz, or activate multiple polls at once via Survey.

Here’s a quick how-to video on how to set up a poll:


To start with polls, create a Slido event first. In the Live Polls tab, select your poll type or use our templates for inspiration:


When creating a poll, you can also add its description under the three-dot menu. Once your poll is ready, click the green play icon to activate it. If you want to activate multiple polls at the same time, create a Survey. 


Quick tip: Character limit in polls 
Your poll question can contain up to 256 characters. Another 256 characters are available for the poll description. There's no character limit for open text poll responses from the audience.


Multiple choice poll


Poll the audience with a multiple choice question to learn more about their preferences and opinions. A multiple choice poll is also a quick way to check your audience's understanding of presented content in real-time.

Each option in a multiple choice poll can be up to 256 characters long.

Check Allow attendees to select multiple options to enable the users to pick more than one option.


Word cloud


A word cloud turns open-text responses into a cloud of words whose size will depend on how many times they have been submitted by the participants. To learn more about how it works, check our What is a word cloud article.




Test the knowledge of your audience, be it a training session, exam, or trivia night. For a more detailed guide, read the Run a Quiz via Slido article.


A quick quiz with up to 5 questions works like a charm to engage the audience and to drive healthy competition. You can add a picture to your questions or use the random question generator icon if you run out of ideas.  


Rating poll


Create a rating poll and allow attendees to send feedback on your presentation or rate their experience.


Open text poll


Use the open text poll to have attendees type in words or longer text.


Please note that the open text poll is limited to 5000 responses to optimise performance.


Ranking poll


Learn about your participants’ preferences by letting them prioritize the options with a ranking poll. To find out more, read how to Run a ranking poll.




Create a Survey to run multiple polls at the same time, collect feedback, rate multiple items and add an "other" option to a multiple choice poll. For a more detailed tutorial on Surveys, read the Run a Survey via Slido article.

Surveys are available in all paid plans. 


To create a survey when you already have polls in your event, click Create poll and then hit Survey. 

Alternatively, you can start with any type of poll and then click Create a survey at the bottom to add more questions. 


If you’ve created multiple single polls that you would like to turn into a survey, you can simply merge them.


Useful information and tips:


Tip 1: Reorder polls 
Drag and drop the polls to rearrange them.




  • Tip 2: Additional poll options 
    Go to Settings - Features and expand Live Polls to set the fixed order of multiple choice poll options, to change the format of the poll results, or to hide the vote counter in Present mode.


  • Tip 3: Test your polls 
    It's always a good practice to test everything before you go live. Activate your poll by clicking the green "play" icon, then navigate to the left-hand-side and click the Participant mode button. Cast a vote and observe how the results change in real-time. Finally, click to Present mode button in the upper right corner and open the link in another tab or in full-screen to check how the results will look for the participants. 

    To learn more about testing in advance, read our Test your event article
  • Tip 4: Reset your poll results 
    Once you're done with testing, click the three vertical dots next to your poll and select reset results. To reset your polls in bulk, hover on the poll icon until a square appears. Then, select the polls you want to set back to zero and hit the "bin" icon on the top. 
  • Tip 5: Share your polls with participants 
    Display Present mode on your screen to let participants join via event code. Your audience will be able to use the event code during the dates you set up for your event. Alternatively, you can send out the direct link or a QR code to your event via email or internal platform or collect votes, crowdsource questions, and brainstorm ideas during or even before your event.


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9 replies


what about the limit of questions (or items as used by SLIDO) in a survey? I got a system message of having to much items in a survey.

So right now I do not know, if I used to many characters - to many questions/ items - to many bytes (using pictures etc.)

How can I guess the maximum capacities of a survey before I set it up?


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Hi @HM-cleo,

There are no specific limits on the number of questions or characters in a survey but there is a limit of 100 polls or 100 000 characters per room overall. Have you added more than that to your survey or your event?

Hope this helps!

Hi, is there a way to make all questions as mandatory in the survey form? It seems like the participants can choose to not answer all questions and finish the survey. Is there any way to make it mandatory for them to answer all the questions or set any of the questions as mandatory to be answered by the participants before they could click End to finish the survey?

Is it possible to create multiple text boxes for one question in survery? For an instance, My survey question is

1.  What are the top three challenges you face to generate leads ?

< users are free to enter three challenges of their choice>


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Hi @CLX,

At the moment, it’s not possible to make any questions in a survey mandatory. Participants can send off the survey as long as they have answered at least one question.

You could write something like ‘mandatory’ in the poll description of the questions you’d like participants to answer.

I can see how this would be a useful feature so I am passing it on. Let me know if you need anything else :)

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Hi @vignesh,

The survey does not allow participants to send multiple answers to open-text polls at the moment.

Instead, you could have three separate open-text polls in the survey, then export the results and combine them manually. You could also set up an open-text poll, allow multiple answers and send participants a direct link just to this poll.

I can see that it would be useful to mark some questions as mandatory so I am passing this on :)

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions 🤗


is it possible to set the survey that the participants could answer the same survey several times?

I would like to use it to collect the customers’ opinion at one place but my collegue would collect and write the customers’ answers.

Thank you,


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Hi @Alena,

Participants can only answer a survey multiple times if they open the survey in a new browser or device. This is because their browser remembers their votes.

Could you tell me a little more about your use case? Maybe there’s a workaround :)

can surveys be used over multiple days on a web site or email campaign?