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  • 28 September 2023
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Slido integrates with Zoom to increase the interaction and engagement of your meetings and webinars. Add Slido to Zoom and have live polling and Q&A directly within your meeting window.

Slido allows you to crowdsource top audience questions, engage participants with live polls, and use surveys to collect instant feedback.


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Requirements and Limitations


Essential Requirements

  • Zoom desktop app Version: 5.15.7 (21404) or later – check your version by going to the About Zoom section. If your version is not supported, follow these instructions to update your Zoom application.
  • You or your IT administrator must make sure the following domains are allowed in your network,, *,, *,
Current Limitations
  • Slido for Zoom is only available for hosts when using the Zoom desktop application – however attendees can interact with Slido on the Zoom desktop or mobile app.
  • Only the Zoom meeting host can manage Slido – cohosts will not be able to help manage Slido, even if they have proper access.
  • Zoom apps like Slido are not supported when joining from a browser – and if the meeting host joins from their browser, Slido cannot be used at all.
  • Switching the meeting host role between a host with an EU Slido account to a host with a US Slido account is currently not supported
  • Slido sidebar theme (light or dark) will follow system preferences only – direct Zoom settings won’t make any changes.
  • The Slido for Zoom app works with Zoom Meetings and Zoom Webinars, but not Zoom Events.



Get started with the Slido for Zoom App

Adding the Slido for Zoom app is easy. You can do so directly from the Zoom application, or even from within a Zoom meeting.


Add the Slido app from your Zoom desktop application

  1. Download and open the Zoom application
  2. Log in to your Zoom account – if you don’t have one yet, sign up for free
  3. Navigate to the Apps section in the menu of your Zoom application
  4. Select Add Apps beneath the menu bar and search for Slido to add it


Search for Slido in Zoom apps


*Similarly, you can go to the Zoom Marketplace and add the Slido App.


Add Slido directly from a Zoom meeting

  1. Download and open the Zoom desktop application
  2. Log in to your Zoom account – if you don’t have one yet, sign up for free
  3. Start a meeting
  4. Click on the Apps button and the select Add Apps
  5. Search for and add Slido
  6. Click Allow to accept the necessary permissions


Make sure all of your attendees install the Slido for Zoom app as well. The easiest way is for them to click Open within the notification that is sent after the host begins using Slido. Once the Slido sidebar is open for them, they simply click Add app.

Alternatively, they can follow the same steps outlined above.



Start your Zoom meeting and open Slido

After installing the app, add Slido to any Zoom meeting with ease. It’s the same steps no matter if you’re in a scheduled meeting, or a spontaneous one under your Personal Meeting ID

Once you’re in a Zoom meeting:

  1. Click the Apps button in the bottom right corner
  2. Select Slido
  3. Log in or create a new account
  4. Choose an existing slido or create a new one


Trouble finding Slido among your apps? If you have more apps installed, Slido will be added at the bottom of your Apps list. To access it right away, scroll down and move the Slido icon up.


Add Slido to your meeting


Share Slido with your attendees


For attendees to view and interact with Slido in Zoom, the host simply needs to launch their first interaction.

When a poll or Q&A is launched, a notification is automatically triggered prompting the host to share Slido. After the host clicks Allow, every participant will then be prompted to open up Slido. 

Host view​​​​


After clicking Allow, attendees will be invited to open Slido via a notification in their top right corner. Those who arrive later will still receive a notification when they join the meeting. The invitation is also sent to the chat for reference if needed 👍​​​​​​

Participant view


The automatic notification for hosts and attendees is triggered only once during the meetingHowever, Slido can be shared anytime via the arrow button in the top right corner.



Use Slido in your meeting


The Slido for Zoom app allows you to add live polls and Q&A to your meeting – and it’s all done from within the Zoom meeting sidebar.


Prefer to prepare your Slido polls and Q&A in advance? Go to and use your credentials to log in. Once you create your slido, you can set up everything prior to your meeting.


Add your Polls

To start, click the + Add button and choose the poll type you wish to use. Then add your question and options (if applicable). Your poll is saved instantly, so feel free to Launch it immediately by clicking the green button at the bottom. To create more, just click the plus button (+) in the bottom control panel – or click the home button and add another interaction.


Add a poll to your meeting


Manage and launch your polls


Click the three dots next to any poll in your interactions list to access additional options. From here you can Edit, Duplicate or Delete your polls. To launch a poll from your list of interactions, click the green Launch icon next to it.


Edit and launch polls from the sidebar


When a poll is live for participants, you can use the buttons at the bottom to hide or reveal results, close voting or deactivate the poll completely.

Options to hide results, close voting, or deactivate poll


Add Audience Q&A

Introduce Audience Q&A to the meeting just like you would a poll. Use the + Add button and select the Audience Q&A interaction. 

To change Q&A settings, select Q&A from your interactions list and click the gear icon. Turn on Moderation if you wish to review submitted questions before they go live for all to see. You can also enable Labels to help stay organized and/or Replies to let other attendees respond to submitted questions.


Add Q&A to your Zoom meeting


Manage Audience Q&A

If you’re not using moderation, all submitted questions will instantly appear for you and your attendees in the sidebar. With moderation turned on, incoming questions will appear privately for you within the In review section of just your sidebar. Questions you Approve will go live for attendees to view and the ones you Dismiss will not.

Managing Q&A with moderated questions


Pro tip: Highlight the question that’s being addressed so that everyone remains on the same page. Afterwards, you can Mark it as answered which will move it into the Archive tab. This keeps the Q&A tidy and leaves room for more unanswered questions.


Display Slido Present mode

Open Slido’s Present mode to display your Q&A or live polling in a larger format for your attendees.

To access Slido Present mode: 

  1. Go to and log in to your account

  2. Select your slido

  3. Click the green Present button in the upper right corner

This will open Slido Present mode in your browser. Now all you need to do is share your browser screen in Zoom to display it for your attendees.



Adjust Slido settings

Edit the settings for Slido directly from your sidebar. From here you can edit the name and passcode for your slido, or change the participant privacy preferences.

To access Slido settings in Zoom: 

  1. Click the hamburger menu icon

  2. Open Settings 

General settings will show by default. For more options, click Advanced settings at the bottom.




How it works for attendees 


As previously mentioned, launching the first poll prompts a notification for attendees to open up Slido and submit their votes. If you’re showing poll results, participants will see those after submitting their vote.

If they close the Slido sidebar, it won’t open for them automatically when the next poll is launched. They’ll need to open Slido manually by clicking on Slido within their Apps menu. 


Audience Q&A

If you’re using Q&A, your attendees can choose to submit their questions either anonymously or with their names. They’ll see other submitted questions and have the option to upvote the ones that they wish. 

If you highlight a question as a host, the question will move to the top of the list and be outlined in blue for participants.



Change the meeting host

As a reminder, only the meeting host can manage Slido in Zoom. However, the host can transfer their role to someone else. With any host transfer, Slido is automatically unlinked so that the new host can add their own slido.

Change the Zoom meeting host



Remove Slido from your Zoom apps


If you ever need to uninstall Slido from your downloaded Zoom apps, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your Zoom Account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace
  2. Click Manage > Added Apps or search for the Slido app
  3. Click Remove

Deleting your Slido account, along with all of its data, is done from To learn more about deleting your account, visit our community guide.


FAQ and Troubleshooting


Why do I not see the Slido for Zoom App?

Please make sure that you are signed in to your Zoom account. If signed in, click Apps and verify that you see Slido among My Apps. If you have many other apps installed, Slido may be found at the bottom of your Apps list. Feel free to then move the Slido icon up.


Why do I not see the Apps button in Zoom?

Zoom apps are currently available by default. However, it’s possible that an IT administrator has disabled Zoom apps for your organization. Please reach out internally to see if this is the case.


Can I download Slido polling and Q&A results after my Zoom meeting?

Yes you can. If your meeting is still ongoing, simply click the hamburger menu in the top right corner of the Slido sidebar and select Download results. This will open up Slido in your browser, where you can see the analytics and download the results. If your meeting has ended, log in at from your browser and choose the relevant slido. The Analytics tab is where you can view and export all of your results.


Can I use Slido for PowerPoint in Zoom?

Absolutely. Choose the same slido in both your PowerPoint deck and your Zoom meeting for a seamless presentation experience


An attendee accidentally closed the Slido sidebar and doesn’t have the Slido app installed. How can they open it again? 

If they are logged in to Zoom, the Slido app will be remembered under Apps > Recently Opened. If they are not logged in to Zoom and have joined in guest mode, they can find and reuse the invitation that was originally sent to the Zoom chat.

​​All attendees see the message “Slido is not ready yet. Please wait until the meeting host starts Slido.”

Please make sure that the meeting host has already joined the meeting. This is because Slido can only be added and managed by the host.  Also make sure the host has joined the meeting from the Zoom desktop app and not from the browser.


More questions?

To find answers on your own time, visit our Community page. It’s a place full of great resources and guides. Alternatively, you can contact or use our live chat on our Slido home page. We are available 24/5 and aim to respond within 24 hours. For more info, visit our Contact us page.



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