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  • 24 August 2020
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If you want to share some important information with your audience during a Q&A session, you can use moderator’s announcements.


Available in our Professional plan and higher. 


This feature allows you to push a notification at the top of the Participant mode with a message for everyone to see. We also support links as part of announcements, so feel free to use this feature to share various URLs with your audience.


Create and publish an announcement

You can create an announcement by clicking the megaphone button in your Audience Q&A tab. You can choose whether you want to announce it immediately or save it and have it ready for later.


If you saved the announcement and wish to activate it, click the megaphone button again and click Announce now.

If you don't want to display the message anymore, click the megaphone button and click Stop announcement.

Your audience can acknowledge the message by hitting OK. Doing so will dismiss the announcement for them.



How it looks in the Participant mode:


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