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  • 26 January 2023
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If you want to boost engagement and make your meetings more interactive and fun, polls are priceless.


Slido has teamed with Pexels - the source of free images, to bring creativity and stunning visuals to your live polls.

You can now choose from hundreds of thousands freely-usable pictures and add any image to your poll


What is Pexels?
Pexels provides high quality and completely free photos licensed under the Pexels license. Thousands of royalty-free images are included in this collection by photographers and artists from all over the world.


Here are 7 examples of how you can use Pexels images in Slido


1. Icebreaker: How are you feeling today?

If you’re running a meeting with a larger number of attendees (10+), asking ‘How are you folks?’ at the start might result in two or three people muttering “fine, thanks” and that’s it.

There’s a better and more interactive way. Run a word cloud, asking your participants: “Using an emoji, how are you feeling today?” You can attach this or this Pexels image to it.

You’ll get a visual word cloud full of emojis, and you’ll find out about the overall emotion in the (virtual) room.

Or, you can do a quick pulse check with a rating poll: “On a scale of 1-5, How was your last week/month?” (5: Couldn’t be better, 1: Let’s forget about it).

I usually add this image from Pexels to the poll.


2. Icebreaker: Where are you joining from?

Another great warm-up exercise for big meetings or events. If you’re presenting to an international audience, give a shoutout to all the locations people are tuning in from.

Just a simple word cloud poll like: “Where are you joining from?” with this image from Pexels will do the job!

Don’t forget to display your poll on full screen for everybody to see. While the different countries or cities appear on the screen, send a personalized greeting to all the places people are from.


3. Seasonal icebreaker questions

Image polls are great for special occasions, such as Halloween or the winter holidays. 

Showing an image and asking an intriguing question relating to the season will amplify the festive mood during your meetings.

As an idea, for Halloween you can ask a poll question:

  • What was your favorite costume for Halloween when you were a kid?

  • What’s your favorite Halloween candy?

Make it a word cloud poll with an image from the Pexels library, like this one, for example.

Or, before the winter Holidays, your poll can say something like:

  • What’s your favorite winter holiday tradition?

  • What’s your must-watch Christmas movie?

There are also plenty of beautiful pictures relating to the winter holidays, such as this one.


4. Silent hero

For boosting the morale in our team, and to recognize all the (unsung) heroes for their great work, we love running a “Silent hero” poll at Slido. 

Just  run a word cloud poll such as: “Who was your silent hero of the last month/year?” and have people write down names of colleagues who deserve a public shout-out. Don’t forget to add an image too, e.g. this one.

A screenshot of a Slido word cloud poll featuring an image from Unsplash

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5. Give thanks

Whether it is during Thanksgiving or any other time, it’s a great exercise to slow down and think about things and people we are grateful for.

You can turn this into a nice interactive activity during your bigger team meetings, all-company meetings or retrospectives.

Simply run a poll such as:

  • What are you most grateful for? (word cloud)

  • Who would you like to thank? (word cloud)

Here and here are some pictures from the Pexels library you can use for this exercise.


6. Team motivation

Here’s another motivation booster - ideal for team meetings or team retrospectives.

Ask your team a thought-provoking question such as:

  • What can you do today that you couldn’t do a year ago? (open text poll)

  • Looking back on last year, what is the one achievement that you are most proud of? (open text poll)

Add an image to the poll to boost engagement, for example, this one or this one. When people type in their submissions, show them on screen, read them out loud, and encourage volunteers to elaborate on what they wrote.

A screenshot of a Slido open text poll featuring an image from Unsplash

It’s also great to look ahead.

Ask your teammates to share what their plans are, or what vision they have for the upcoming months. This is a great activity for team meetings or all-company meetings - especially at the start of the year or season.

  • What’s the one thing you want to achieve this year? (open text poll)

  • What’s on your bucket list this year? (open text poll)

  • What’s the most important thing we should be doing this year? (open text poll)

Don’t forget to add an eye-catching picture with these questions. For example, here and here are some you can consider.

7. Introduce newbies

You can use images also in Slido Quizzes. For example, why don’t you run a team quiz or newbie introduction quiz as part of your team building?

Here’s an idea. Collect interesting hobbies about your teammates and wrap the questions around them.

Here are some questions for your inspiration:

  • Who loves to cook? 

  • Who absolutely loves scuba diving? 

  • Who used to be a semi-professional swimmer? 

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Ready to bring your Slido polls to life with Pexels?

With the Pexels library in Slido, you can now choose from hundreds of thousand freely-usable pictures and add them to your Slido polls in one click. No need to download images from the internet or worry about the image rights.

With Pexels in Slido, you'll get:

  • Free images that can be accessed from Slido directly

  • Easily searchable images, divided into categories

  • Uploading copyrighted images is no longer a hassle

  • All photos can be used for free both for commercial and non-commercial purposes

  • We offer polls with Pexels pictures even in our Basic plan!


👉 Try Pexels in Slido 👈

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