How do you deal with rude comments and questions?

  • 11 June 2021
  • 3 replies

Hi Community, I just had one of the toughest allhands ever, we had so many questions, which was great but most of them were so rude. How do you deal with questions like that?

3 replies

First off, it’s totally normal. We’ve gone through the same and even now we get a spicy question here and there. Moderation of questions really helped us.

Hi Frederica & Tom

Moderation worked for us for a while but people got a little annoyed that their questions were being “reviewed” and monitored :(

We also experimented with downvotes and let employees decide on which questions were relevant and which ones were rude. People joked about it at first but after a quick explanation that we are really giving THEM the power to “moderate” the Q&A and decide which questions were important, we could see the rude questions going way down! 

I was also thinking about using the private replies to the authors of rude questions but with the amount of questions we get at our allhands, I’d need an extra person to handle just that. Did anyone try this?

Same here :raised_back_of_hand:

We also tried the moderation, but there was quite a drop in the number of questions :disappointed_relieved: … so we went fully transparent again BUT set some rules at the beginning like post only questions and comments that are in line with our values and you’d say to someone’s face or under your name. It helped.

I’d be also interested in the private replies. Anyone?