Pre-defined list of phrases for the Word cloud poll type

  • 13 March 2024
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How can I predefine the suggested list of phrases for the Word Cloud poll type?

For example, I want to ask the audience to tell me the names of brands they use to gather logs.

And I already provided them a short list of most popular ones like:

ElasticSearch, Grafana Loki, StatsD, Datadog, New Relic.

So, via the poll I want the audience to not only choose brands that they use now, but also type new brands that are not listed yet.

So the “Multiple Choice” poll type doesn’t suit because they can’t add new options there.

The “Word Cloud” poll suite more, but I can’t predefine the list of suggested options, so people will type something like “Elastic” + “ElasticSearch” + “Elastic Search” + “Elastic Stack” + “ELK” and we will got a lot of duplicates.


So, could you please extend the “Word Cloud” poll configuration to allow adding predefined suggested options, with keeping the ability to add new custom strings?

5 replies

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Hello @Murz 

in this case the word-cloud seems like an ideal option. If you keep the results visible to the audience and you would type these pre-defined brands as a participant. Then when people start typing some letters like Ela and the word posted would be Elastic - it would give them a suggestion that a similar word has been posted and they can click on that. 

That could help for having just a simple input but if someone ignores the suggestion it would allow them to submit it separately. 

That would be the ideal option for your use-case. 

The word cloud actually doesn’t suit, because it doesn’t provide an option to just upvote the already typed answers, so users have to type them again from scratch, usually with a lot of typos which produce duplicates.

Here is an example:

On the first screen you can’t just click on Elastic, for example, to upvote:


And on the second - you have to type from scratch, not choose from a list:


So, please consider extending the functionality to add the “upvote” feature to the word cloud. Thanks!

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Hey @Murz ,

The way the Word Cloud works, is the more people that submit the same response the bigger that word gets in relation to the words that have only 1 submission each.

If you want to allow your participants to upvote on a suggestion, I would suggest using the Q&A option, entering each word as a Question and your participants can upvote which ones they like or they can submit their own response there.

Upvoting in Word Cloud is not possible due to the way it works, the more people agree with a certain word, then they would submit that word when it pops up as a suggestion in the text box for them.

Let us know if you have any other questions.


The way the Word Cloud works, is the more people that submit the same response the bigger that word gets

Exactly! But the current Slido interface motivates people to just type a new duplicate (with different spelling or typos) instead of just tap on already typed option to upvote it.

So, please improve this by allowing tapping on a word in the cloud, in addition to typing!

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Thanks @Murz ,

We will submit this as a feature request. 

When Participants go to start typing, it does show the already submitted responses for them to choose from rather than typing in their option, if its spelled correctly, that word gets bigger and if there is a misspelling then, yes it does submit as a new word unfortunately. Do you think maybe having a spell check feature for Word Cloud might be a good solution too? I will submit both options as feature requests for now :)

Let us know if you have any other questions or suggestions!