Back to Back presentations - how to do this?

I will be repeating a presentation.   The first time at 11:30 and then at 1:30.  Do I need to clear the answers from the 1st group’s Poll before the 2nd group?

Or should I do a separate duplicate Poll?  Shown on a different slide?



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Hi @StephanieA,

You don’t have to clear the previous group’s answers unless you want to :) If you don’t clear them, both of your groups’ answers will combine.

If don’t want their answers to combine, then you can reset your polls after the first presentation directly in PowerPoint or in the web app - this will delete all previous answers and you can run the presentation again. 

Alternatively, you can make a copy of your presentation and link another Slido event to it. This way you would have a separate presentation for each session.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you need anything else.

Hi Meggie,


That’s perfect.  It’s what I thought and your answer reinforces it.  Thanks a million for doing that.