How to delete unwanted answers in a word cloud efficiently?

  • 21 November 2020
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Hi.  We would like to use the word cloud in our live event with 500 people. And, if we receive poisonous responses, we want to immediately find and delete them. If 500 people start to send responses at the same time, what is the effective way to quickly find poisonous answers (especially in case there are many poisonous responses) and delete them? Does the moderator see the new response at the top so the moderator should check each new response as each of 500 people sends a response? It might be difficult for one moderator to do it, so, should we arrange 2-3 moderators to check each new response/delete any poisonous response? Or could you pls advise any efficient way? Thank you 




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Hi Suika,


We do have a profanity filter enabled for all participants responses, by default. So, if some words submitted to your word cloud are obscene or swear words, they won’t be shown to your participants, only to admins.

In case of poisonous responses that don’t necessarily fall under the profanity filter, these will have to be deleted by your team of moderators. The way the moderator side of things works is that all new responses come from the top. However, if the responses come in too fast and too many, it is also possible to search through the words by simply using ctrl+F (Windows) or cmd+F (Mac) and typing in the words that you’d like to delete. 


You can find more on how to moderate word cloud responses in this article:


I’d definitely recommend having at least 2-3 moderators and just divide the workload, one of them could go from the bottom of the page and the other, one from the top and one can just check through the work in case there are too many responses at the same time. 


Hope this helps and please let us know how the event went!