How to reset joined participants analytics?

  • 27 September 2021
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Is there a way to reset the Joined Participant analytics?


We would like to use the same code and url link for multiple dates, but would like to see when each participant logs in. We use SAML SSO for all of our events, and right now, if someone logs into an event, it only shows the first time they log in, even if they log in weeks apart.


Another feature that would help us is to see if we can capture when people leave the page, but that is a topic for another time.

1 reply

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Hi @gripp,

If you’re using the same event, then there isn’t a way to reset the Joined Participants analytics. 

I’m thinking of a workaround.. what if you create a quick poll for each meeting/event? You could have have multiple rooms to divide the content for each date.

If know there’s 50 people on the meeting, wait until you get 50 votes. Then afterwards, in the exports per user you’ll be able to see all the participants that joined.

It can be a light ice-breaker or alternatively, you can even ask for participants to add their names in an open text poll. 

To exclude anyone from voting anonymously there’s the possibility to disable anonymous voting. If you’re interested, just shoot an e-mail to our Customer Care at 

Hope this helped! Let me know what you think.