Is it possible to get notified when the new question is posted?

  • 25 August 2021
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Is there a way to get notifications whenever a new question is posted? Use case is when Q&A is being used to collect questions over an extended period of time; not just during a short, one-time event. Thanks!

8 replies

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Hey @sarawolf,

At the moment it’s not possible to set up notifications for new questions. The only way to see some sort of notification would be to set up Q&A moderation - with this you will see a bubble appear next to your Q&A tab when there are new questions waiting for review.

Thank you for bringing this up, we get this request every now and then and I will pass it on as a feature request.

If you have any questions, please let me know :)

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Okay, thank you for letting me know. Yes, please do submit for a feature request. Thank you!!

I also would like this feature. It would be nice if we could get an email if a question is posted and needs moderation review/answering. It would be nice to have the ability to turn notifications on or off and/or designate which email/account (I am on a team) we would like to send the notification to.

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Hey @alexc,

Thank you for letting us know! I will pass it on as well :)


Don’t add this feature. It might ruin the anonymity aspect of Slido because people might use the notifications to cross-reference the time and question asked to determine who asked the question through various means.

I would also like this feature and/or a way to be able to forward a question via email so that we can continue to get feedback after the meeting

It would be a great feature to get notified when a question is submitted for moderation. Has this been implemented yet? 


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Hey @smilner,

No, this feature has not been implemented but when a question is waiting to be approved, you will see a notification in your Slido admin.

Please keep upvoting these ideas and requesting them as we pass them on to our product team :)